Wednesday , 14 April 2021
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The Paladin Chronicles – Cheap Mumu

For the past few days I’ve been leading an attack against two of the major boss monsters in Ragnarok Online; Valkyrie and Ifrit. Both attempts have been as successful as a straight overup from +0 to +10 on a poopoo hat. yokyokyok.

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The Paladin Chronicles – The Sign

I’m done with The Sign quest! Finally finished the longest quest in Ragnarok history! It took me 2 days though but now I have the Demon’s Teardrop and The Sign accessory, +5% damage to magic and physical attack bebe! woot~

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The Paladin Chronicles – NiffleCard & Stormbox?

I never thought that a freebie storm gust scroll would save my life but it did! My wife and I were leveling at niffleheim this past few days and one time we got mobbed my 4 Lolis, 3 bloody murderers, 3 dullahans, a hylozoist and a forrest of gibbets.

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The Paladin Chronicles – Heroic Failure

This has been a hectic week in Midgard. Apart from the fact that Morroc and Geffen were down yesterday, I have a new leveling place with a boss roaming around like he owns the place. (Baka nga siya may-ari, territoryo niya eh). Yes mga kapatid, I’m leveling at OH map.

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The Paladin Chronicles – Double Rewards

I’ve been looking for a +10blade[4] for the past few days. I’ve already made my +10 triple beholder boned blade and I’m looking to make a +10 Quad Bloody Blade. Guess what peeps, overupgrading even a level 1 weapon is HELL in Valhalla. I know it’s an exaggeration but you’d have more luck making Dark Lord dance ballet than make …

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The Paladin Chronicles – Ice Ice Pero ‘Di Babeh

Surprisingly my first few days back in Valhalla wasn’t a disaster. I half expected it to be a disaster filled with bots. Grabe magrereklamo na naman ako sa gastos! I need to get myself a shield with a penomena card so I can level better in the Ice Caves but it’s waaay too expensive.

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