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The Paladin Chronicles – Stingy Stings and Farewells

It has been a long long RO week. It’s not without its downs but there has been a lot of highs. Let me start with the downs.

I was leveling my merchant. For the love of the Good Lord, he only had lvl 2 vend. So I went over to the spores in Payon to start getting good job experience. Guess what I saw when I got there? An army of bots! It’s a good thing the Midgard Police were online. I pmmed them and it was clean up time. Two of the botters had expensive headgear on, on had an Flying Angelwing and another a Dark Randgris Helm. Suffice to say those dudes aren’t going to make use of them anymore. Not unless they try to level in the bot prisons. Much like trying to freeze ice.

Now for the good. A veteran Thorian who moved to valkyrie handed me his last possessions in Valhalla. NaH salamat kapatid. Nagamit ko yung isang clip, yung iba binibenta ko na. yokyokyok. My wife and I thank you. Second, kakagaling lang namin sa isang retreat IRL. A couple who went with us, na B.I. namin. Naglalaro na ng RO ngayon. yokyokyok. They’ll be playing in valhalla too. One is an acolyte now the other a mage (tinank namin ngayon nagpapalevel na sa geographer).

As for me, I’m off the alarms. Kuripot eh. Almost 2 weeks of hunting a no clip. So I walked all the way to the Glast Heim sewers. Dito ko talaga namiss magka fly wing. Ang layo! Dami pa walang kuenta na mumu. Turns out kuripot rin mga stings. Silk ribbon lang napulot ko.

Oh, as a final remark. I would like to thank GM Jibrille for her years of service to the RO community. She’s leaving already and for her last BANG, she summoned lots of mumu in our capital cities. That was a great last hurrah GM Jibrille. We’ll miss you and your events very much!

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