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The Paladin Chronicles – Heroic Failure

This has been a hectic week in Midgard. Apart from the fact that Morroc and Geffen were down yesterday, I have a new leveling place with a boss roaming around like he owns the place. (Baka nga siya may-ari, territoryo niya eh). Yes mga kapatid, I’m leveling at OH map.

What’s good about the OH map in Valhalla – Midgard? NO BOTS. I have yet to see one bot there. Its a frequent leveling place for bot hunters so don’t ever think of placing your automatons there. Or better yet, place them, I dare you. Anyway, kahit saan ako lumingon may nakakausap ako. Maganda nga eh. Di yung tipong “hi! *fly*” conversations I used to have in other servers.

The Midgard Police are doing a fairly good job considering ang dami paring botters. Marami narin sila nahuli. Dami rin nagmamalinis sa Ragnaboards. “Bakit ako na jail?” “Di naman ako bot ah”, and other such “washing hands” statements too ridiculous to entertain. MPs have a process of catching botters. If you really don’t bot, you won’t get jailed. If you find yourself in jail and NOT being released, chances are, oo, wag ka na deny, BOTTER KA!

Ok, going back to West Orc Village. It’s a nice place to level especially if you have your PVP gear. Everything that spawns there is demi-human so you can use you PVP gear to level. Fairly good XP too! I get about 0.1% for every 2 High Orcs and considering 83 Reborn Paladin na ako.

What I find funny there is this, pag lumabas na si Orc Hero, ako po ang pini-pm ng mga tao to get rid of him. I dont know why. Feeling ata nila ganun na ako kalakas. It must be the horns, I bought myself Baphomet Horns. As a fellow boss hunter once pointed out (uu, ikaw yun [LK]Sushi) h0rny daw ako. Well, ayan labas na naman hero complex ko, I try to kill Orc Hero regularly. Yun narin yung tulong ko sa mga nagpapalevel dun na DI BOT.
Magastos sa pots though pag walang pari. Over the week I think I’ve killed him like 8 times. I have like 4 shield[1]s and about 2 emblems (the others I gave away).

There are several things about that boss though. One, I can tank him naman and his High Orc minions easy. Barely a scratch. Makes me feel more heroic (kahit hinuhubaran ni Orc Hero minsan – I think he likes me). Two, I waste lots of pots, as said, since I can’t heal and cast Rapid Smiting at the same time. Last, I can hit him only 60-70% of the time. Which is embarrassing. Yey! Tank ko Orc Hero with mob, I’m sooo cool!

Toink! yokyokyok

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