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5 Things Filipino Online Gamers Can Relate To

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Today’s digital age has made it possible for humans to transform the way they live. In today’s time where technology rapidly advances, digital transformation has become nothing but an inevitability rather than a mere option. Digital transformation paves the way for humans to “go paperless” by shifting from traditional processes into new and innovative ones, helping save so much time, effort, and energy.

But more than accomplishing specific goals, objectives, and other tasks for the day, technology has also made it possible for people in different parts of the world to enjoy entertainment even more. One of the very things technology has contributed greatly to the entertainment sector is online gaming.

Online games are simply video games being played over the Internet. It can range from simple text-based environments to ones that incorporate complex graphics and digital worlds dominated by many players simultaneously. Online games also offer diversity as different platforms can be educational and informative, while some may be gruesome and may need adult supervision.

Any country in the world can enjoy any type of online game. The Philippines is one of the leading countries when it comes to online gaming. In 2017 alone, there have been around 29.9 million Filipino gamers, with over 354 million dollars spent. This makes the country chart up to #29 in the world’s term of game revenues.

With that, here’s a tribute article for all the Filipino gamers out there. Listed below are 5 things Filipino online gamers can relate to in today’s age of digital entertainment:

1. Stocking Up On Collectibles

You know the drill. Once your favorite online video game releases new merch, you’ll surely save up for it so you can stock up on your collection. There’s just something really special about getting to collect each item from your favorite video game. If anything, gamers feel a lot more connected to the game itself and all its characters because of a simple merch. These merch items can range from clothing like shirts and caps for gamers to the most random things like keychains, mousepads, water bottles, stickers, bags, shoes, and a lot more.

2. Life And Death Situation

Let’s face it – gamers, especially Filipino gamers, would do anything just to keep the game running. That means going out of their way to find a stable Internet connection. Some gamers even stock up on Internet load for surfing purposes. Now don’t go crazy on them, because some games actually give penalties to participants who seem to have an unstable Internet connection. This only means all a gamer’s credentials could get lost once these penalties pile up. So if anything, Internet connection is actually a life and death situation for most Filipino online gamers.

3. Pro Gaming Leagues Are Becoming A Primary Source Of Income

Ever heard your parents say, “Kaka kompyuter mo yan!”? Well, it’s because of a gamer’s love for video games that they can actually generate income or revenue.

Many people believe it’s only a hobby, but for most Filipino online gamers, online gaming is more than just a hobby. If anything, it’s considered a passion. And this passion can definitely get you to places as you compete in pro gaming leagues. Now, local and amateur gamers have something to look forward to as these gaming leagues offer thousands and millions of prize pool.

4. Food Is Your Bestfriend

Facing the computer all day while playing your favorite video game can actually be draining to the core. That is why aside from a router or Internet connection, food is any gamer’s ultimate best friend. According to some Filipino gamers, one whole round of video game is actually a lot more fun and exciting when you have food by your side. It might sound crazy and naive, but it’s actually true for most of them!

5. Staying Up Late

This one is pretty much a given. Filipino online gamers would stay up for hours to compete in both classic or ranked video games. Most of the time, they even wait for new online game releases; hence, staying up late in the evening to get first dibs on a game they’ve been waiting for months. One Filipino online gamer actually compared this situation with a kid receiving candy. This is how stoked and excited they feel when discovering something new.

Wrapping Up

These key points are definitely some things that the Filipino online gaming community can relate to. Share your thoughts as well below! We’d love to hear a few more online gaming trends and behaviors from you.

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