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Alodia Gosiengfiao, foodpanda’s newest ambassador, shares gamer tips to have a GG experience

Food that is one tap away? Introducing Foodpanda!

As we became busy working at home and playing games (thanks to online games), finding extra time to prepare our food may not be an option as we have a lot of stuffs on the go. Good thing Foodpanda is here to fill the need of trusted food service delivery with just one tap away!!

Take inspiration from a prominent female influencer/streamer Alodia Gosiengfao. Prominent for her skills in gaming and a glamorous cosplayer, the brand’s newest ambassador to help you pick the best choices!

As for Alodia, “everything is automated, payments is done with few taps, you can get food without bringing out your wallet…” and then continue “I really love how convenient Foodpanda is because it arrives just in time before and after my stream.”

Whatever kind of gamer you are, Foodpanda will be your everyday lifesaver.

Order now with insane deals that reach as much as 40% from over 20,000 restaurants nationwide, whether you’re a newbie or having a win streak Foodpanda is on the go! Tap now!

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