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Quick Look: ThundeRobot G50 Game Controller

Thunderobot G50

Gamers of different platform yearns for a better controller to compliment their console, but some desires better controller that best suit their passion.

Introducing ThundeRobot G50 gamepad, a cross-platform game controller that is compatible with almost any gaming gear you may have. It is designed to seamlessly connect with a Nintendo Switch, game console, Android and iOS devices and also fully compatible with Windows 10 operating system. It connects through the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology but is backward compatible with prior Bluetooth version.

ThundeRobot  G50

ThundeRobot G50 is a new controller that is portable as it is easy to bring with you anywhere you want to play game. It supports force feedback powered by dual-vibration motors for a more realistic experience while the joystick was manufactured by ALPS, a Japanese technology provider, for instant and precise positioning.

Thunderobot G50 is expected to be available here in the Philippines on November 2019 through T Lazada. Sale price will be announced soon.

Our team will be reviewing this product and will release our take soon. If you have question or wanted to include in our review then write on the comment below.

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