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The Paladin Chronicles – Cheap Mumu

For the past few days I’ve been leading an attack against two of the major boss monsters in Ragnarok Online; Valkyrie and Ifrit. Both attempts have been as successful as a straight overup from +0 to +10 on a poopoo hat. yokyokyok.

The first attempt was on Valkyrie. The monsters there were easily handled. Albeit, they killed a few people but nothing the whole team couldn’t handle. Iba na usapan nung pumasok si Valkyrie. We tried and we died sad to say. We tried Ice walling her in, she teleports (akala ko ba bawal tele sa valhalla? :P). We tried directly tanking her. The longest I lasted was 3 seconds and that’s not nice.

The second attempt, we ran directly to Ifrit’s hideout. A Vanguard (GM) was kind enough to provide support and warped people to the volcano entrance. It was fun just trying to survive. The standard spawn on that map were harder to kill than most mini-bosses and even some boss monsters. One or two monsters we could handle, 3 or 4, you’d see more dead people than a zombie movie. Good thing the Vanguard was kind enough to resurrect us and provide some healing. I personally went from 30% Base xp to 0% on a level 91 Paladin. Alam kong masakit pero masaya eh.

We managed to get to Ifrit but the thing must be on steroids or has been working out with Hulk Hogan. He deals damage like a grenade on a group of caged chicken. It was easy pickings.

Di natapos lahat doon. Nung dedo na kami lahat, napag-pasyahan namin na maglabas ng sama ng loob kay Ifrit, at ito ay ibinuhos namin lahat kay Orc Hero. Pinagtulungan ba naman yung Las Vegas Showgirl ng West Orc Village (si Orc Hero ito).

Conclusion: Di pa kaya ng Valhalla until we get enough high levelers with good boss hunting equips. We simply cannot do it without specialized boss hunters, lots of them. At sobrang cheap ng ibang mumu. One hit sa fireball is 16k damage!

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