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The Paladin Chronicles – Big Freakin’ Rock

I am now flat broke! I spent my entire RO fortune to purchase an Odin’s blessing set that included the famed StoneBuckler[1]. The best Shield for Rapid smiting as of now.

Let me clue you in on what this thing does. First it gives 3 def. Not that impressive actually. But then it gives 5% resistance to all natural property attacks. That makes it at least 8 def without the upgrades. BUT, if you add Odin’s blessing and magni’s cap. The entire set gives, Str+2, Def+5, Mdef+5 and if you’re a swordsman, an additional +6 def. Best part about the stonebuckler is that its heavy. VERY HEAVY. Which gives you more RS damage since it takes weight as a factor.

Ok now I’m a walking poster boy for defense. I have 62 def and can hardly feel anything with the set on. Problem is that darn ICE PICK! I got hit by a soul destroyer assassin with an ice pick and it nearly killed me for 9k damage. OUCH.

I tested the stonebuckler in PVP though. It dealt almost the same damage as a lvl 99 Rapid smiter with 80 dex and a +9 cranial shield. My dex is just 40. When my build is done and I finally get the whole set upgraded I might get to deal about 9k-10k damage per RS. Not bad at all. And that’s not counting in “THE SIGN” accessory.

Regarding that. Valhalla peeps might go on the sign quest this week if everyone has their ingredients already. I’ll be hunting for more ingredients for the guys later on.

Oh, Did I mention I am flat broke? I’ll have to go out hunting for items now. I’ll have to take my chances and hunt for more stonebucklers and get myself some cash flow. One Stone Buckler costs about 20m. I wonder why, since its just a really BIG FREAKIN’ ROCK with a card slot. yokyokyok

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