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The Paladin Chronicles – Double Rewards

I’ve been looking for a +10blade[4] for the past few days. I’ve already made my +10 triple beholder boned blade and I’m looking to make a +10 Quad Bloody Blade. Guess what peeps, overupgrading even a level 1 weapon is HELL in Valhalla. I know it’s an exaggeration but you’d have more luck making Dark Lord dance ballet than make a +10blade[4] these days.

Oh did I mention making one is EXPENSIVE? The powers that be took away the safety limits of the of ordinary upgrades. Only the enriched ones have safeties. I guess we’re pretty lucky since a friend told me ChinaRO has no safety limits whatsoever.

Ok back to the story, I opened my RB account today and found out that I had 1 new message. It was from Feb. I’ve seen him around actually with this character IdontLoveYouAnymore. Nice guy. But I never thought he’d be THIS nice to a stranger like me. So para di na humaba, GUMAWA SIYA NG +10BLADE[4] FOR ME! Laking gulat ko! Baka nakulitan sa kaka lagay ko sa vend ko ng B>+10blade[4] or naawa. yokyokyok

Whatever the motivation, I thank you kapatid. Deeply and sincerely I thank you. Since my return to Valhalla, people have been very very kind to me. Matt and his (di pa nadudumihan kapatid nilalabhan ko sa batis ng Geffen – yokyokyok) and now Feb with a +10blade[4].

So lesson learned. Give and you shall receive a thousand fold. After all, who can put a price on friendship? (And a good +10blade[4] in a hypermart based server – yokyokyok).

Owning in PVP – 5m zenny
MVP Thanatos – 20m zenny
Having a someone make a weapon for you and gaining a new friend – priceless

P.S. Alam niyo ano title ng message ni Feb sakin? “your wish is my command eheh”. Alam niyo.. nahihiya na ako. I’m not used to receiving stuff kasi. I’m more of a giver. I feel funny tuloy. yokyokyok


  1. try this weapon for paladin:
    +10 spear[4]:
    incantation samurai card.
    3 turtle general card.

    this can still kill mobs. very good in high defense mobs like bloody knight. Very good in PVP, PVE, Emp, Woe, Mvp huntings.

  2. I already got my assaulter’s spear since then kapatid. yokyokyok

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