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The Paladin Chronicles – Ice Ice Pero ‘Di Babeh

Surprisingly my first few days back in Valhalla wasn’t a disaster. I half expected it to be a disaster filled with bots. Grabe magrereklamo na naman ako sa gastos! I need to get myself a shield with a penomena card so I can level better in the Ice Caves but it’s waaay too expensive.

Oh yeah, finally got to level in the Ice Caves. Salamat xstatic at may warp ka papasok dun. Nakasalubong ko parin yung “Timon” from Lion King pero mag isa nalang siya. I made him PAY. Alrighty, we entered the Ice Caves and went straight to level 2. Alam niyo mga kapatid, I’ve seen ugly monsters in RO before and I’ve been all over Midgard. I must tell you, that snowier is the ugliest bastard I’ve ever seen.

Well we proceeded to level, static would lex, I would smite. Nice experience, got me to level up to 80 in no time from 25%. Too bad we couldn’t stay long. Static had to get some QT (quality time) from his.. ahem, Loved one. yokyokyok

I’ve seen only a couple of people level there. I guess not many know about it yet. So to those who don’t try the ice caves. You’ll love it. Just bring appropriate weaponry and try to kill those monsters FAST. ‘Cuz if you get mobbed and your priest has his brain on backwards, you’re dead.

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