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The Paladin Chronicles – NiffleCard & Stormbox?

I never thought that a freebie storm gust scroll would save my life but it did! My wife and I were leveling at niffleheim this past few days and one time we got mobbed my 4 Lolis, 3 bloody murderers, 3 dullahans, a hylozoist and a forrest of gibbets.

I told my wife to keep healing me, I broke out the scroll and started casting. Lo and behold! They all froze and we made it away with our 5% xp intact. So for once, MARAMING SALAMAT LEVEL UP SA LIBRENG STORMGUST SCROLL.

Oh, in one day we got 3 cards. 1 Alarm card when I was doing a leveling spree, 1 hylozoist card and 1 disguise card. So alam niyo na kung saan kami nagpapalevel? Funny thing is, we didn’t get a single sight of a rare card when we were using bubblegum. But when it wore off, we got 2 in 1 hour. Weird.

During this 4x season I just love the sight of monsters falling in line just to be killed. I just love the following sights.

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