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Jerico Vilog

Also known as Salleh. Mostly playing Philippine Ragnarok Online: Valhalla Server. Working as web developer for Hangad I.T. Solutions.

Rappelz Holiday Greetings

Eaglegames, one of Pinoy Gaming’s active partner, has been actively sending me news releases of their games and one of which is about Rappelz Epic 7. Check out their holiday greetings for you below and please check Rappelz too co’z im sure its another great game from them alongside their popular HighStreet 5. Rappelz Philippines greets you Happy Holidays!!! In …

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Super Mario Galaxy Medley as Performed by Master Diwa

Its been quite a while and been been slow for Pinoy Gaming Network to post new stories here and I’m truly sorry for that. Hopefully I could get back the motivation I had before in writing stories for you guys. For now, let me feature one of our successful gamer-turned-musician but still a gamer by heart, Diwa de Leon, or …

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AIKA Global Updates “Recommended Nation” System

AIKA Global recommends what nations to join in with corresponding rewards. Last patch for this November brings new high level quests and item shop goods. Seoul, Korea – (November 30, 2010)— Can’t decide which nation to join? Here’s what every Pinoy Aikan should know! T3entertainment and Hanbitsoft inc. Together with Redbana Philippines open a new upgrading this December with “Recommended …

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Rappelz Epic 7: The Grandest Launch of the Year!!!

Months filled with surprises and revelations, Months full of excitements and thrilling events, finally… The long wait has come to end! Make way for the biggest launch of the year, Rappelz Epic 7 “The Awakening”. This November 27, 2010, Saturday, EagleGame International Ltd. is all set for the grandest launch of Epic 7 Awakening! Everyone is invited to experience the …

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CardMon Hero CBT Ends. New Forums Open in

CardMon Hero ends its 7-day CBT phase on November 16, 2010 while a new forum format is opened in Seoul, Korea – (November 16, 2010) — T3 Entertainment and Hanbistoft Inc. together with Redbana Philippines are now putting to a close the Closed Beta Test of their latest MMORPG, “CardMon Hero.” CBT Phase took place for seven days from …

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Council of Regenshein Ready to Report

Veteran gamers mostly wanted a fair and healthy community. That’s why some, even the editors of Pinoy Gaming Network, became a game marshall or whatever you may call those who voluntarily provide their time to police the community against gamers who tries to exploit and take advantage of the weakness of the current game system. I served a short while …

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Apple’s iPad and the Future of Tablets

Once upon a time, there was Apple’s Newton. It was so advanced and expensive that consumers… hmm… trashed it. Then the market moves on. Apple’s iPad brought us back to the world of tablets where every single techno-titan such as Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and Fujitsu tried to saturate with their convertible laptops and failed. Yes, those companies sold only a few …

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E-Games: Domination IV

The biggest gathering of gamers around the Philippines is set to happen today at E-Games’ Domination IV here at the SMX Convention Center. Domination IV is a clash of all the games published by E-Games particularly ZX Online, RAN and Cabal. E-Games will also announce two new games that will hit the local market – Band Master and Superstar. Both …

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E-Games Sites And Servers Down And With Malware?!

This is very shocking to filipino gamers as one local gaming publisher, IP e-games, is being blocked by Google search. According to the warning, Google is shunning visitors to visit website as it was tagged as harboring potential malware code and redirecting its search to a warning page. According to Wikipedia, Malware, short for malicious software, is software designed …

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