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TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 first press bonuses – “Swimsuit Costume Set” and “Lili’s Fluffy Skirt”

Tokyo,Japan, July 24 2012 – Bandai Namco’s fighting game “TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2” is scheduled for release on 11 September 2012 (Tuesday) for PlayStation 3 and Xbox360. “Swimsuit Costume Set” and “Lili’s Fluffy Skirt” will be included as first press bonuses.

As the fourth part of the bonuses, the swimsuit costume set includes many costumes for an overwhelming number of characters – a total of 50! There are also 3 patterns available for each character. This game is scheduled to be released in September when the weather is still hot.

Besides the female characters, the male characters, animal and monster characters are also ready to fight in their cooling swimsuits.

The fifth and last bonus is the customized item “Lili’s Fluffy Skirt”.Never has there been a customized item like this. With your opponent dressed in a strikingly stunning outfit, will you be lost in gaze and forget that she is your rival!?

About “TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2” for PS3/Xbox360
This work is the latest in the “TEKKEN” series, which boasts a total of more than 40 million copies shipped.

It features more than 50 characters (the largest number for the series so far) and a maximum of 4 characters can be displayed in one screen. “Tag Assault” which allows 2 characters to attack at the same time and “Tag Throw” which allows 2 characters to throw the opponent at the same time can be used in the new “Tag Fight”. Moreover, up to 4 people can play the game simultaneously.

For this game, in addition to the usual “2 vs. 2 Tag Fight” and the “TEKKEN” basic “1 vs 1 Fight”, new playing styles such as “1 vs 2 Fight” that defy the common sensibilities of fighting games are also available. It supports every fighting style and allows the enjoyment of a heated fight. More than just a new “TEKKEN Tag Tournament” release, this is the ultimate edition that is filled with all the elements of the “TEKKEN” series.

The 4 character pack includes “Michelle”, ”Angel”, “Kunimitsu” and “Ancient Orge” who are participating in the “TEKKEN Tournament” fight for the first time in 12 years! Hurry up and get them to experience the new tag!

The original home video game, “Snoop Dogg” stage is the collaboration with the charismatic American hip-hop musician “Snoop Dogg”. The stage is surrounded by golden speakers with “Snoop Dogg”s original game emblem shining in the middle of the gold-themed stage. Befitting of its name as the “Golden Arena”, it becomes a gorgeous stage with “Snoop Dogg” entering the audience stand at the side of the stage, with beautiful ladies following him. The original track “KNOCC ‘EM DOWN”, especially written by “Snoop Dogg” for this game, is played as the BGM for the stage, bringing even more excitement to the exhilarating tag match.

About Snoop Dogg
Hip-hop musician from the U.S.A. Incorporating the latest trends and newest technology into his performances, Snoop Dogg is always at the forefront of the times and has built a solid reputation with his talent. As a result, he has achieved more than 1 million album sales multiple times and is an icon in the U.S. entertainment scene. He is currently in the midst of preparing for the release of the comedy movie “Mac & Devin Go To High School” (Director: Dylan Brown, Cast: Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa (who was a Grammy nominee) with Snoopadelic Films and Anchor Bay Films.

Special titles such as “Angel & Devil”, “One blow of exhilaration” and “Home Gamer” have been decided for use in the arcade version of “TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited”!! You can get them by entering the download code found on the enclosed flyer at the official website “TEKKEN-NET”.

Special titles for the arcade version were decided upon. “Angel & Devil” commemorates the formation of the legendary tag with the resurrection of “Angel” after 12 years. “One blow of exhilaration” represents the real thrill of “TEKKEN” offering players an exhilarating fight based on pure instinct. “Home Gamer” is for users who make a raid at the game center for the first time after a long while since the home video game “TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2”.

Game currency Fight Money 1 Million G, which can be purchased on the official website “TEKKEN-NET”, has also been decided as a bonus. The money can be used to buy costumes and titles for the character you use in the arcade version of “TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited”.

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