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Lenovo and Samsung Delaying their ION Netbook

Lenovo and Samsung both announced that they will be delaying the release of their next generation ION-equipped netbook until Windows 7 is released. This was made known due to the idea that this ION-powered netbook will run better on Windows 7 rather than Vista or Home XP. Windows 7 is the next flagship operating system by Microsoft that will be …

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Lenovo Intros First Netbook with Ion

Lenovo today announced the release of its improved version of Ideapad S series of netbooks, the Ideapad S12. The Ideapad S12 is the first netbook that offers Ion platform from Nvidia. The 9400m graphics chipset promises better support for 1080p video decoding with h.264 playback acceleration, Blu-ray playback, and moderate gaming capabilities. The new netbook will be available in two …

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Bigger Netbook with Ion to Launch by Lenovo

Its bigger, faster and of course heavier netbook to launch this 2009 as Lenovo will lead the adoption of the netbook platform  into 11 and 12 inch territories. Im not sure if you can still call it netbook but Lenovo, according to the chinese newspaper Commercial Times, is planing to launch 11.6 inch and 12.1 inch netbooks with Atom and …

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