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Lenovo and Samsung Delaying their ION Netbook

Lenovo and Samsung both announced that they will be delaying the release of their next generation ION-equipped netbook until Windows 7 is released.

This was made known due to the idea that this ION-powered netbook will run better on Windows 7 rather than Vista or Home XP.

Windows 7 is the next flagship operating system by Microsoft that will be released worldwide on October 22, 2009. The new OS supports native multimedia playbacks such as support for Dolby Digital Plus and popular codecs built right into its hood.

ION platform which composed of Nvidia Geforce 9400m and Intel Atom CPU are perfect for this multimedia centric netbooks according to Lenovo and Samsung so it makes sense to just delay the release rather than offering free upgrade which eventually will cost consumer of shipping.

Lenovo integrates Nvidia 9400m on Ideapad S12 while Samsung has N510 netbook to compete as well.

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