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Lenovo already announced the availability of Ideapad S10-2 netbook. It features sexier design, better keyboard layout, a Dolby sound and glossy display.

Netbooks Philippines: Unboxing Lenovo Ideapad S10-2

I already owned three netbooks since february of this year but my desire to own new one hasn’t end.

Last february, I bought an MSI Wind U100 for Php15,900.00. It was my first portable computer since I came to know the bits and bytes of digital world. The unit came with no bluetooth and has limited 80GB of hard disk space.

Later on, after a month of craving for a bluetooth and larger disk space, I decided to purchase a new one hence I picked Lenovo S10. This unit came with probably all the features I needed for a laptop. Finally I could share my MP3’s and 3GP movies to my friends celfone. The larger 160GB of disk space enables me to store more than 40 movies and thousands of MP3s. Heck, I could also bring my copy of World of Warcraft and transfer it to my friend’s desktop to play.

I was almost satisfied with my Lenovo S10 until Aris, a very good friend of mine, pursuaded me to consider purchasing the new Asus Eee PC 1000HE. This new netbook from Asus boasts remarkable battery life of around 9 hours of light usage. To make the story short, I caved in and bought it at Greenhills for only Php20,000.00 ($421.00). 1000HE proved its worth when I used it during a long trip from Manila to Olongapo back and forth.

Yet, one week hasn’t passed and I missed the features I have with my old Lenovo S10. The One Key Recovery which is standard to Lenovo’s notebook has been a valuable tool for me to backup and restore my system. Unfortunately Asus does not provide such a similar feature except for the standard system restore partition and DVD disk.

It seems that data protection is much more valuable for me than the extra juice I can get with 1000HE’s battery.

Lenovo already announced the availability of Ideapad S10-2 netbook. It features sexier design, better keyboard layout, a Dolby sound and glossy display.

Ranns of Netbooks Philippines was kind enough to take a picture of his new Lenovo Ideapad S10-2 netbook and posted it at the forum.

“As for the initial testing, I find it very solidly built, with a 6-cell battery already. Initial charge gave me a solid 4 hours and 30 minutes continuous browsing with WIFI on and a wireless mouse receiver plugged in on one USB port before it showed me a 10% reminder. Its energy management utility software which controls the battery is set at low power. Other settings are Performance, Balanced, and Super Energy Saver mode.” as Ranns described the new netbook.

Without further ado, here’ some of the pictures he shared to us. You can visit Netbooks Philippines to see all the pictures posted and read the comments of other netbookers.

Quick glance of Lenovo Ideapad S10-2 specs:

  • Intel Atom Processor N280 1.66GHz CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 160GB Hard Drive
  • 10.1-inch 1024×600 LCD Display
  • WiFi 802.11b/g
  • 1.3 Megapixel webcam
  • 6 Cell Lithium-Ion battery

I went to SM City Annex and I found one shop that sells it for Php21,000 ($439.00) cash, or Php23,000 ($481.00) if paying via 12 months installment.

I don’t care if my Eee PC 1000HE is still a week new, what matters now is that I want the features I once have with Ideapad S10. And now that S10-2 has arrived, the only reason I should delay my next purchase is if Lenovo Ideapad S12 will hit the shelves anytime this June.


  1. Kuya, buti ka pa dami mo netbooks…share mo nlang po iba… 🙂

  2. Romerico G. Cusing

    i’m from 5he philippines, i juct want to know where can i buy a battery for my lenovo s10-2.
    i do not want the big battery that was bundled with my lenovo, thanks

  3. Romerico G. Cusing

    where can i buy a battery for my lenovo s10-2? i have the big battery, i want to have the smaller one, tthanks

  4. You can try greenhills viramall or Gilmore. They have battery specialists in both locations. I doubt if they have some on stock. They may have to order it for you and it will take a week to 2 weeks.

  5. based on a thread that i read in lenovo site. battery for s10-2 is unique one, i myself like to change it as well, but sadly it’s not compatible for batteries used by s10 or s12.

  6. kuya anong mas ok na netbook? eee 1005ha or lenovo s10-2? di kasi ako makapili.. 😀

  7. para sa akin, mas maganda ang eee1005HA dahil sa battery. umaabot ng hanggang 7 hours normal use ang battery ng eee1005HA compared sa 5 hours normal use ng s10-2.

    although syempre tulad ng nasabi ko sa article, kung software ang pag-uusapan eh mas gusto ko ang lenovo dahil sa One Key Recovery nito plus Veriface Recognition kung gusto mo naman maging unique sa pag login sa windows hehe.

    sa porma, mas hip ang 1005HA. for sound, lenovo has better sound due to Dolby support.

    1005HA’s keyboard is top-notch. sarap gamitin. maliit ng konti ang sa s10-2.

    Overall, mas gusto ko sa design and battery ang 1005HA while for security, i’ll go for lenovo 😉

  8. hi! i wanted to have one like that alam mo bang sale yan sa SM annex ngyun? 18K nlng sya?? okay b sya? magnda ba? gnun mo n katagal gmit yan?

  9. hi! my sis gave me a lenovo s10-2 and just realize na if your going to charge it power off wala syang indicator na fully charge na sya. how can i know if its already fully charge and how long do i need to re-charge it?

    • hi topher

      Normally on a laptop, may light na nag i-indicate if its connected to an external power like the charger. it is colored orange if its charging and green if its 95% charged to fully charged. i think charging a 6-cell battery of Lenovo S10-2 takes around 2 to 3 hours.

  10. Have an idea if the s10-2 has a bluetooth..thanks!!

    • yes, Lenovo Ideapad S10-2 and the newer S10-3 has built-in bluetooth

      • kuya nag crash ang lenovo s10-2 ko, di na cya mag open kc nag install ng anti virus ang sister ko hayun di na cya mag open, i dont have any recovery disk… wat will i do
        ayaw nmn gumana pag ni reformat…

      • Hi Gems. May builtin recovery ang Lenovo S-10. Di ko na mayandaan exactly but i think it was F9 key. Ang gagawin mo eh pindutin ang F9 (try F10 and F11) habg nag start ang laptop mo then it will enter the recovery mode instead of booting directly to windows. Hopefully hindi pa nabubura ang recovery partition.

        From there, try mo lang follow instruction on how to safely recover your system.

  11. waaaa help, nakakainis, cant restart my computer, it says bootmgr is missing.
    press ctrl, alt del daw di pa din nagana
    ano po dapat gawin 🙁
    lenovo netbook eh wala pa man din to cd-rom

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