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A new leap in entertainment! Microsoft’s Project Natal!

Recently on E3, Microsoft unveiled their new baby project named Natal. It offers unprecedented contol over the the xbox 360. Particularly NO CONTROLLERS! You are the control system. It scans you and remembers your face and your voice. This alone is a technological leap. Now here comes Peter Molineux, the dude responsible for the hit game Fable. He introduces the Natal project to his own baby, Milo. And the results, AWESOME SAUCE.


  1. I’m not surprised if this project fails or doesn’t live to its hype. Although if it does become successful I wonder what will happen if you kill Milo or become a jerk to him. I also wonder if a certain person who doesn’t have a friend in-life buys this game to his disappointment Milo also doesn’t wants to be his friend. (lol)

  2. LOL. I can imagine it now, you draw a penis and give it to milo, see what he thinks. What you described in your last sentence, that’s not a loser, that’s a person who can’t even play the game. HAHA

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