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Bigger Netbook with Ion to Launch by Lenovo

Its bigger, faster and of course heavier netbook to launch this 2009 as Lenovo will lead the adoption of the netbook platform  into 11 and 12 inch territories.

Im not sure if you can still call it netbook but Lenovo, according to the chinese newspaper Commercial Times, is planing to launch 11.6 inch and 12.1 inch netbooks with Atom and Via micro processors. A departure from the conceived purpose of netbook to be light, inexpensive and an ultra portable device.

Netbooks as of today have a maximum of 10.1 inch size screens while Acer’s successful netbook only had an 8.9 inch screen. This is the maximum size Intel wants for the manufacturer to follow in designing their netbooks so as not to affect the Core2 platform seen on larger netbooks.

But Lenovo wanted to revolutionize the netbook technology by offering better solutions. Though restricted by Intel, they nevertheless will create 11.6 inch netbook with Intel Atom processors on top of Nvidia’s Ion platform.

The bigger 12.1 inch display netbook will be powered by Via and AMD which will also be on Ion.

Lenovo plans to release these products on the 2nd quater of this year.

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