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Starcraft, the legendary RTS developed by game developing legend Blizzard Entertainment was and still is a multiplayer icon. It is played from Seoul to Sultan Kudarat and on many PCs and internet cafes all over the world. Blizzard announced recently, something that may change all of that in the upcoming sequel Starcraft 2. There will be no LAN support. Yes, …

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Blizzard and Starcraft 2 announcement!

Blizzard entertainment in the recently concluded Blizzcon 2008, announced that Starcraft 2 will consist of 3 separate episodes. The episodes however will be sold separately and independently of each other. Each episode will tell the story of one race starting with the terrans, then zerg and finally the protoss. Some Blizzard fans suspect this is a marketing move to milk …

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Starcraft 2 Preview

Reaver drop, zergling rush, tech race, templar backstab, these terms may be new for most or fleeting memories for others. But, for a select few these were the “phrases” of our gaming time. Starcraft was THE real time strategy to beat years back. Now it has spawned a sequel better than we could have imagined!

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