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Starcraft 2 Preview

Reaver drop, zergling rush, tech race, templar backstab, these terms may be new for most or fleeting memories for others. But, for a select few these were the “phrases” of our gaming time. Starcraft was THE real time strategy to beat years back. Now it has spawned a sequel better than we could have imagined!

What are the new features? Well does a fully interactive 3D environment sound good to you? Remember when it got really frustrating in Starcraft 1 when a tree hid some zergling holes and you just walked into an ambush? Now you can rotate your view and see the action from any angle.

We also have new units to contend with. From the crucio siege tank (the original siege tank’s offspring) and the new protoss mothership, there are infinite possibilities for strategies and willy tactics, including sneaky and underhanded ones (especially with the terran reapers than can get virtually anywhere).

Blizzard Entertainment, the game’s developer, is a company reknowned for their critical balancing of forces within their games. They bring that legend to view even on this one. They are now tweaking the game as we speak to balance graphics and requirements, unit mobility and firepower, heck they even balance out the unit special abilities down to the last detail. Maybe that’s why the game has been in development for quite sometime now. People have been begging for a release date and system specs but Blizzard will not budge.

Infact, a spanish website once released a system requirements after visiting Blizzard. Blizzard however, denied ever giving them the requirements. They are keeping this secret and top down better than the CIA. This reporter however has all the faith in their artistic and technical decisions. They haven’t failed us before! Just look at Diablo, Diablo 2, Warcraft and the biggest ever, World of Warcraft!

So to everybody, enjoy their website for now, you can see that HERE, and sit with me as we wait for the next installment of the game that is simply “POWER OVERWHELMING.”

Note: Pictures taken from Blizzards “” webpage. All credits to them. Be sure to check out the website for story updates and much much more!

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