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Yesterday we posted an article regarding the merger of inRO and pRO. IndiaRO soon after, released a few details about the merger in their website. It was stated that the merger will be on the Valhalla server and that kafra and zenny including items will be retained. However, we learned something new regarding this event.

inRO and pRO Merger hang ups!

Yesterday we posted an article regarding the merger of inRO and pRO. IndiaRO soon after, released a few details about the merger in their website. It was stated that the merger will be on the Valhalla server and that kafra and zenny including items will be retained. However, we learned something new regarding this event.

(See details here: inRO)

We have learned from a very reliable source that the negotiations for the merger are still not final. The necessary contracts have not been signed and inRO’s initiative to post the details in their website have jumped the gun. Our source has confirmed that if there WILL be a merger it will be a long long way away. This will explain why Level Up! Philippines still has not made any announcements regarding the matter.

However in related news, Ragnaboards is now accessible to IndiaRO players. In fact, they are being welcomed by some of our Ragnaboarders. In game however, there are mixed reactions from players. Some receive the news with a grain of salt. Others however, started swearing at the idea. This is mostly because, as one indianRO player has stated, 95% of their population are botters and Valhalla server definitely anti-bot. There is also the issue of economy. Valhalla now has a stable economy with fair prices due to the regulation of prices in the hypermart. Throwing in Billions of zenny from inRO would definitely upset that balance. For how long, we could only speculate.

We will bring you more details regarding this development as they come to us.


  1. A zenny cap and maximum items enlistment would do the trick.

  2. Well, theoretically, I suppose a Zenny Cap, a Max Item Limit and wipe-out of certain items may do the trick. I doubt it will be readily accepted by both parties. Practically, the guys from inRO should, maybe, get a separate server. That way their economy as well as that of Valhalla will be maintained and things may work out for good.

  3. I definitely agree with you AkatsukiReborn, pRO-LU should open a new F2P server for inRO as well as for new players wishing to make a new start here at pRO. That way, Valhalla’s economy will not suffer from tremendous imbalance.

  4. Thanks mate. I totally agree with the Valhalla players’ thoughts on this matter. They are right to voice discontent against this plan. I have been an inRO player since the server started and have watched the bots and the lax discipline on part of LUG-India ruin the economy there.

  5. yokyokyok just goes to show you guys. Level Up! is Level Up! around the world. Misguided service principles, very lax rule enforcement and last but not the least, very bad customer relations.

  6. i just dont like this idea of merging iRO with pRO!

  7. the merging should be done with Valkyrie. since 95% of inRO players are botters and 90% of Valkyrie players are botters too, then there would be no problem since Valkyrie is really a F2B(Free to Bot) server.

  8. I think inRO shud get a seperate server as even the pRO woe times are not suitable to Indian Players.

  9. yes jackhunts, time difference of both country should also be considered in scheduling WoE.

  10. these worst Days of inRo Bcoz of levelupgames india’s Management staffs who apointed the new GM’s from the Players who helped their Friends & cafemates & not done their Duties properly believe or not Believe But this is the Truth
    GM’s Personal involvement inGame spoiled the server to a Megabot Server……………….

  11. now also if levelupgames inRo provide most items in their Hypermart & Zenies @ cheaper as 4-5rs per mil inGame & run A anti bot
    Software & Apoint a neutral GM’s to Game queries it ill be the one of the richest servers of the Ragnarok………………… Some people [Botters] ill leave the game But Many old Players who fed up of the botters ill join back to game n many new players ill also join & enjoy levelup

  12. Please avail this post to the Owner of the company or the correct n loyal concern person
    Who can understand the need full things of players n profit for the company …

  13. The whole point of merging inRO with Valhalla was illogical, seeing as Valhalla has a well established economy and an anti-bot community.

    Besides, the differences between inRO’s Chaos server and pRO’s Valhalla server are way too major for players to adapt easily enough to get back to playing. For example, inRO has no PK maps( not even guild dungeons ), inRO has a loss system of only 1% exp on death from monsters( no exp loss on death in pvp ), teleport is allowed, etc.

    These coupled with language barriers would mean mayhem on Valhalla. The best thing to do would be to bring a separate Free To Play sub-server up for inRO players and any other new players, so that both Valhalla and inRO can co-exist while enabling players who have taken a liking to Valhalla’s rules to play on Valhalla.

  14. Rahul, you’re a man after my own heart. I could not have said it better myself. The greatest factor to this illogical situation is Level Up! I can’t believe they’d consider this merge just cuz inRO is losing and they want to cut their losses.

    This is a crossroads between customer satisfaction and profiteering. They preferred the later. Typical.

  15. I dont think why LevelUp is Silent on this, LU India was only given as a franchisee , why cant level up bring up bids for others in the market to take up the whole responsibility rather than closing servers and loosing the so called customers in India.

  16. Typical, indeed. A meeting of the minds, eh, Sir David? πŸ˜€

    By the way, inRO’s Chaos server is still up and running and rumours are abounding that LUG might do a rollback to the 20th of May. O__O

    This would mean I would end up losing 3 levels. -___-

  17. i would loose my aura.
    secondly the capital of the midgard is not accessible means all chars stuck.

  18. Meh. If LUG can’t handle the management of the server, they could hand it over to some capable company. One week LUG bans all the bots. Second week they ban bots+benefiters. When they realize that the server population is going low, they release the banned IDs to get old “players” back. The server policies were changed faster than a baby getting its diapers changed. I wish there was some management which stuck to it’s policies and did their job effectively & had a good Customer Support team who “help” the player base.

  19. I guess it’s all about the money. Show me the money!

  20. Guess what? Even after everything that was said and done, the Hypermart was consistently down due to which the only source of revenue for LUG was closed down. If they had managed to run the Hypermart & maintained things like Credit Card recharge systems, players would have bought stuff, generating revenue. Well, I hope LU!Ph does a better job than this.

  21. All said and done about losses that LUG! India suffered, they brought it upon themselves, really .

    The HyperMart credit card feature was consistently down, and the prepaid cards were scarcely( if ever ) available . How are we supposed to give them money when they can’t take it?

  22. But When the merge thing going to start…??

  23. yeah perhaps LUG in india should be handed to a different owner who could run things a better should be an easier way than taking up the server themselves by ph. further that will not effect the game experience as would if the server were to be relocated from india.and about the GM affair – lol i seen it almost every server i played,every one got some friends they would cross the line to help. in INRO things turned a bit worse though. botting problem is not new here neether is banning of bots only now with no staff to run its looking so obvious to everyone especially when everyone was looking for a reason to say why InRo is a bot heaven–silent gms not helping anyway to counter the claim by many outsiders.hope in coming days they would earn their profits and we would earn our game…….

  24. I think that even if the servers do merge up,there shud not be a roleback as many players who try to level up their chars[Above 95] will be discouraged.n this merging idea is really sick.Wish it DOESNT roleback.


  25. There should be a way to flood the website n stop all this merging thing.May be players shud flood in the game about this issue.
    Who agrees with me??


  26. Flooding may not be the answer but a public outcry could stop it. Problem is, there are a lot of people who dont mind the merger as long as no bots are allowed in the servers.

  27. Players must be given a chance as to what server they would like to join the bot one or non botter one

  28. I left inRO ages ago… but still wish to play it once more …. I want the merger to take place and there should be a server in which Botting shud be strictly not allowed…And yes , the server shud be rolled back πŸ˜€

  29. damn it having **M zenny will make me look poorer T_T

    Should the merge be done, in my opinion there should be a rollback
    for inRO players as because we will suffer a lot especially the middle class player like me T_T

  30. i dont think da merger will actually happen fr da next 3-4 months…cos there hasent been any updates or details of when da merger will exactly happen…. da InRO server is working how it usually works…m not sure abt PRO cos i neva played it πŸ˜›
    i guess v shd just go bak to what eva v r doing and….hav fun…till da merger is donme and when it is done…vll see then

  31. Hey! Wassup man, this is Kris from inRO[chra name-Prince Kris] I don”t think there is gonna be a merger or even a rollback. So just relax and Njoy.Hoped they would be a merger, but sadly it does not look possible.Also yea [lug sux].

  32. Lol heard about the merger frm a frnd.Sad Idea if u ask me.But then again I havent logged into inro for a year now so I guess present players should be consulted.Also as Valhalla is a bot free server The economy mismatch would be huge.Like when I left the game we were spending 8-12mil per seige(yes I was a gm of a guild) Had all +9 equips & gr arour & 100s of mils of zennies.I m not trying to boast or anything but just want to bring to the notice of ppl how rich inro players were(thanks to all the botting).So it would only be fair tht the Valhalla players r not disturbed & Inro get a seprate server prehaps.
    Pls Note
    I played INRO for 4 years & botted only for 2 years.but the most fun I had in the 1st 2 yrs when I was a noob & no equips & used to die frm 2 shots of bhapomet πŸ™‚ .In the end with all the botting & no fun leveling up I just quit the game πŸ™ .

  33. Even i agrey with the part when there should be no botting.. but theres 1 thing bad about it and thats people play MMORPG for fun why do u have to play so much and wait till u get 99 bcoz there are some poor people who dont get much cash to play in cafes and all and they never get 99 in their life O_o and yea i think like how it was before people use to bot but gms use to catch them some times that time it was fun πŸ˜€ and kinda chalanging becoz i use to never get caught But i just got caught once in my life in botting πŸ˜› So they can do it that way like before coz anyways if there no botters then think about the assasin cross O_o their kardiviol is like 0.5 drop rate……………….Please mersey on the players πŸ™ Is the mersey spelling bad πŸ™ my bad sry πŸ™ Don’t count that spelling part >_> If Only i could say to the LUG “DONT MURGE DAM U O_o OR IF U MURGE THEN LET IT BE HOW IT IS” Coz anyway here people saying vahala is also botting server so its ok if u merge with that yea but who said gms wont bann us they should but we should protect ous selfs πŸ˜€ So lets see whos better gms can catch me? no way πŸ˜€

  34. I am from inro
    bots or no bots,fly wings or no fly wings i am very much exicted about the merger and the new challenges to be met,it will bring back the old times
    where prtying is question of survivng rather than lvling,i also have been playing this game for 4 years and hope pro has lots to offer us

  35. Ahh…..nothing to say πŸ˜€

  36. its just tht ppl spoiling the game just look out @ those AURA bots lol…….sadness πŸ˜›

  37. Sadness inro is not starting WTF happend πŸ™ T_T

  38. Yup inro is not starting.i guess our charactors are buried in inro

  39. if the inro is gonna work [cos its NOT WORKING FR THE PAST 1 WEEEK!!!}
    only then it will be gr8 to merge with other players.
    its not all about botting or non bot its about the game.and its nt wrking so wht the hell r we talking about bots n servers.
    if ny1 knows when its gonna wrk plzzzzzzzzzzz temme

  40. realx…InRO is noly on annual maintainence…c this link if u wnt…

  41. well now ….after so much time ….the game was closed on 15th of august and now its 11th of sep….. so i dun expect inRO to run again ………but still there a little bit of hope that it might run again…:|

  42. KEDAR (Leo The King)

    when will inRO start. its really boring without it……
    please inform me when it re-opens


  43. Huh….InRO is History Guyz….I made my assassin 98.65 without botting…

    All self earned equips…server fcked up becoz of bots..and Private issues of GMz…


    ~Maya~ the assassin /pif

  44. Woah Ani… I know its sad that the server went down..err was rather taken down due to LUGs own issues.
    Seriously its now past the point of caring about weather the InRO server will merge with pRO Valhalla or will come up as a sub-server in its own right..just get the damn server back online 😐

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