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inRO and pRO Merger hang ups!

Yesterday we posted an article regarding the merger of inRO and pRO. IndiaRO soon after, released a few details about the merger in their website. It was stated that the merger will be on the Valhalla server and that kafra and zenny including items will be retained. However, we learned something new regarding this event.

(See details here: inRO)

We have learned from a very reliable source that the negotiations for the merger are still not final. The necessary contracts have not been signed and inRO’s initiative to post the details in their website have jumped the gun. Our source has confirmed that if there WILL be a merger it will be a long long way away. This will explain why Level Up! Philippines still has not made any announcements regarding the matter.

However in related news, Ragnaboards is now accessible to IndiaRO players. In fact, they are being welcomed by some of our Ragnaboarders. In game however, there are mixed reactions from players. Some receive the news with a grain of salt. Others however, started swearing at the idea. This is mostly because, as one indianRO player has stated, 95% of their population are botters and Valhalla server definitely anti-bot. There is also the issue of economy. Valhalla now has a stable economy with fair prices due to the regulation of prices in the hypermart. Throwing in Billions of zenny from inRO would definitely upset that balance. For how long, we could only speculate.

We will bring you more details regarding this development as they come to us.

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