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Starcraft, the legendary RTS developed by game developing legend Blizzard Entertainment was and still is a multiplayer icon. It is played from Seoul to Sultan Kudarat and on many PCs and internet cafes all over the world. Blizzard announced recently, something that may change all of that in the upcoming sequel Starcraft 2. There will be no LAN support.

Yes, you will need to login to the newly revamped to play multiplayer. Meaning, you and your pals will need to get an internet connection and create accounts just to play with each other. This may not be a problem to countries with very good ISP infrastructure but there are still many in the Philippines without 24/7 internet connection.

Bad move Blizzard, bad bad move.

Is it just me or has Blizzard made a lot of booboos lately, the public outcry over the color scheme of Diablo III and now the no LAN support of Starcraft 2. What is going on? Is Blizzard slowly slipping from their developing throne?


  1. I think they don’t want it to be played on “Garena” or by using “Hamachi”. Just a thought…

  2. yeah my thoughts exactly. I always thought that by this time blizzard would have learned on how much their game is being pirated all over the world. Their latest non-MMO release was Warcraft 3 and the security of that game was just, weak. Especially on softwares that creates virtual Lans and private networks.

    On a computer shop owners POV. This is a problem since if there is no LAN. Starcraft Won’t go BOOM on computer shops like its predecessor. And as i recall I saw a screeny of Starcraft 2 showing the Page before the main menu which is the log in screen. Which I think that will require us gamers to log in on a account to play. Cause the next screen after the log in page is the MAIN MENU which shows the options and Single Player Moder

  3. sad part is they take away lan to stop hackers from exploiting it, and ruin it for the paying customers, and the game gets hack anyhow.

  4. According to the last Blizzard news Beta would last till 7 June! It means we could get more matches, showcasts and ofc my favorite replays!

  5. It’s official StarCraft 2 sucks bigtime with the NON-LAN capability. BOOOOOOOOO…

  6. Blizzard is not after stopping piracy, (they know they can’t stop pirates). so what else next to do? of course go for MAXIMUM PROFIT possbile while its hot and before Piracy catches up.

    Next Stop Bnet with Payment

    Who the losser here? the paying customers like me. so sad but activition/vivendi is a dieases on you blizzard.

  7. still loving the game….. lan not yet an option

  8. blizzard is genius. those who pay for the software can only play the game. why are there so many posers that post their comments here? most people who complain don’t pay for the game. And who cares if it doesn’t boom in computer shops. just because your paying the computer shop for gaming doesn’t mean that the shop paid blizzard for using its software. the people who are complaining are the people who are jealous of the people who have bought starcraft 2 and are enjoying the game. don’t be a cheap bastard and stop bitching.

  9. Though there is no LAN it’s still awesome. Good job blizz, but LAN would be even more awesome!

  10. Any news/updates about Multiplayer on LAN? is good but very laggy and always seem to get disconnected. We have very crappy dsl services in our country so LAN would very much benefit the loyal SC players here.


  11. its bcoz your fucktards got a shit internet and ph internet is being fucked by PLDT to profit more even if they limit the bandwidth / latency of their consumers, i dont see any problem with SC2 being a non – lan game since other countries don’t mind it why would blizz take a look into it juz coz our net sucks? blame our net providers before blizz idiots… -__-

  12. I played it in the USA, but now in the Philippines i can’t download it so me and my wife can play šŸ™

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