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Starcraft, the legendary RTS developed by game developing legend Blizzard Entertainment was and still is a multiplayer icon. It is played from Seoul to Sultan Kudarat and on many PCs and internet cafes all over the world. Blizzard announced recently, something that may change all of that in the upcoming sequel Starcraft 2. There will be no LAN support.

Yes, you will need to login to the newly revamped to play multiplayer. Meaning, you and your pals will need to get an internet connection and create accounts just to play with each other. This may not be a problem to countries with very good ISP infrastructure but there are still many in the Philippines without 24/7 internet connection.

Bad move Blizzard, bad bad move.

Is it just me or has Blizzard made a lot of booboos lately, the public outcry over the color scheme of Diablo III and now the no LAN support of Starcraft 2. What is going on? Is Blizzard slowly slipping from their developing throne?

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