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Bayan DSL “Lola” TV Ads and Tips on Faster Surfing

Bayan DSL has started showing their new TV commercials featuring a grandmother. Its a nice video actually and quite hilarious.

Bayan DSL has been one of my favorite broadband providers here in Metro Manila due to their attentive customer support and quick response whenever I am suffering from intermittent connection.

Here are two tips for you to speed your Bayan DSL connection.

1. Use a proxy. Bayan DSL subscriber weren’t told about the availability of proxy servers until you specifically ask for it. Basically proxies store webpage content to their own local servers when accessed for the first time by one of its subscribers. Once you made a request to access a particular webpage that was already stored on their local server, instead of going straight to the host server of the website you’re accessing, it instead just fetches the data it stores thereby downloading it faster. Oftentimes the speed is tremendous, doubling the download speed. Bayan’s official proxy server is

2. Speed on Demand (SOD). Yes they advertise it but do they tell you how to enable it? Oftentimes they do not! Speed on Demand increases your bandwidth speed during off peak hours from 10:00PM to 10:00AM the following day. To enable SOD, bring up your dialer and append your username with @sod. Example: salleh@sod

Please note that this two tips are only for Bayan DSL subscriber.

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