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Bayan DSL “Lola” TV Ads and Tips on Faster Surfing

Bayan DSL has started showing their new TV commercials featuring a grandmother. Its a nice video actually and quite hilarious. Bayan DSL has been one of my favorite broadband providers here in Metro Manila due to their attentive customer support and quick response whenever I am suffering from intermittent connection. Here are two tips for you to speed your Bayan …

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Top Speed Sabotage Item Guide

Top Speed is here in the Philippines and it is sure to add more fun in your gaming leisure. It is an online casual racing game just like Mario Kart and CrazyKart. You will be able to compete against racers from around the country. The fun thing about this game is that there are items on the road that you …

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Ragnarok Online: Battlegrounds Newbie Guide V1.2.1 (updated)

First there was PVP, then WoE, then WoE 2.0, now there is Battlegrounds. What is battlegrounds you ask? What is this new thing Ragnarok Online offers that players are going gaga over? Read on kapatid and find out! Ragnarok Online Battlegrounds is basically a PVP arena with the same skill and damage rules as WoE, only it offers so much more than the sheer fun of owning a castle (agit). To give us a better idea of what it is exactly let’s start with the background story.

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