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inRO and pRO Merger hang ups!

Yesterday we posted an article regarding the merger of inRO and pRO. IndiaRO soon after, released a few details about the merger in their website. It was stated that the merger will be on the Valhalla server and that kafra and zenny including items will be retained. However, we learned something new regarding this event.

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The Paladin Chronicles – Whirlwind of Events

It's been a long long while since I've written something for the Paladin Chronicles even though there have been a lot of things to write about. Well, I don't plan on dilly dallying any longer. I'm finally able to solo level at Thor's volcano! I've vowed that I would when we went on that Ifrit raid and had our butts handed to us by the fiery fiends residing there.

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Philippine Ragnarok Online – Tyr and URDR Merging

Level Up! Games, publisher of Philippine Ragnarok Online has released its official announcement confirming the merger between Tyr Server and the PK-enabled server URDR. The merging of the two servers will commence on the first tick of the clock of April 16, that's 12:00 midnight until 12:00 noon.

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Baphomet Horns: Ragnarok’s New Headgear

Baphomet seems to be celebrating the new year and making himself felt at Ragnarok Online by introducing a new headgear named after him. He probably doesn’t want to be forgotten as new and stronger MVPs are being introduced in Philippine Ragnarok Online by the recent patch Rachell and the upcoming patch Veins coming this February. Just today, Level Up! Games, …

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