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The Paladin Chronicles – Whirlwind of Events

It’s been a long long while since I’ve written something for the Paladin Chronicles even though there have been a lot of things to write about. Well, I don’t plan on dilly dallying any longer. I’m finally able to solo level at Thor’s volcano! I’ve vowed that I would when we went on that Ifrit raid and had our butts handed to us by the fiery fiends residing there.

How did I achieve this you ask? Well, all credit goes to the Lord Knight Ziekfried. He sold me a flame spirits armor for a very light sum. He also advised me to grab myself an alice card (since all monsters in that fiery inferno are non MVP boss types). My first venture went well, with a bunch of assumptio scrolls from hypermart and all the guts I could muster (Nagpadasal pa ako sa mga tao sa friendlist ko), I walked into the place. I killed 3 kasas (OH YEAH BEBEH!) before I got mobbed and got run over.

A priest friend Riley went with me a second time and I fared better with him, although those oversized behemoth guardians turned me into chopsuey and Riley got a really big spear stuck in his manly parts (Spear boom). Finally Ziek showed me how stuff is done. Seeing him in action you’ll think of two things; First, this guy is REALLY good, Second, what he’s doing is REALLY expensive, but none the less impressive.

I have two new newbies to cradle too. My wife’s nephews have decided to play. One wants to be a sader and the other a hunter. I’ve been tanking them and guiding them for a while now. If you see them online, take it easy, they’re kids (Sir Francisco and Noam).

Oh yeah news, WE KILLED IFRIT! We finally, as one server, drowned him with respawns and our own blood. Ifrit summoned in izlude for an event and we lured him to the respawn point to do a spawn, fire spawn fire pattern on him. I pried a fireblend from his previously smoldering hands. Oh and I traded away the fireblend to Yralyn of RB/ROempire for that my jellopy for your *insert anything here* event.

My wife, LunaSky is now a regular MVP of tao gunka. Too bad he doesn’t drop anything good. If he did we’d be filthy rich now. Then I would just over zenny to the highest bidder and make me a +7 Legion Full plate armor[1] for the Garm card I purchased. (ahem ahem… aahhh sino nagbebenta diyan?).

That’s all for now guys, I hope to see you online. I’ll be posting a few more entries here when I get the time to write.

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  1. Do you RS the Kasas to death? I sure hope not. 😀 Kaya talaga dun with a Pally or LK, I’ve met an LK who claims to have taught Ziek. She leeched me there, too. Oh man is it cool. LOL!

  2. Yup I RS them to death. They hurt too without assumptio. So I bought myself a couple boxes of scrolls. You should try leveling there. I have a new leveling place as of today, Biolabs 3, I can solo with a garm armor.

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