Philippine Ragnarok Online – Tyr and URDR Merging

Level Up! Games, publisher of Philippine Ragnarok Online has released its official announcement confirming the merger between Tyr Server and the PK-enabled server URDR. The merging of the two servers will commence on the first tick of the clock of April 16, that’s 12:00 midnight until 12:00 noon.

Of course no one can guarantee a smooth merging so estimated time may be extend. Well, its better that the time be extended than succumb to multiple bugs that the merger may introduce.

So what will be the new name of the new world? Don’t be surprised but my source told me that the new name is none other than… TYR! Hahahaha. Sorry for URDR, no new name to represent you. The new Tyr server will have a separate client to start with just like Valhalla, Valkyrie and URDR. URDR players must use the new client.

Some maps particularly the MVP maps of Tyr will be PK enabled just like Valkyrie. URDR players are familiar with this PK-enabled setting so Tyr players should be cautious in hunting bosses on these maps. MVP hunters will face a stiffer challenge against their co-players. You’ll never know if the Extremity Fist of a champion is directed towards the MVP monster or you. Good luck on making enemies hehe.

The following are the official Tyr-URDR Server new settings. It was originally encoded in PDF format and can be downloaded at Philippine Ragnarok Online official website but I write them here for people who don’t have an acrobat reader.

Tyr – Urdr Server Merge Mechanics

Major Changes

A. Agit Ownership
All Agits ownership will be reset

  • Geffen Agits
    • Leperion
    • Jyolbriger
    • Yssnelf
    • Bergel
  • Prontera Agits
    • Kriemhild
    • Swanhild
    • Lazreagues
    • Skoegul
    • Kendul
  • Aldebaran Agits
    • Neuschwanstein
    • Hohenschwangau
    • Nuernberg
    • Wurzburg
    • Rothenburg
  • Payon Agits
    • Myung-Jung
    • Chun-Dan
    • Bool-Young
    • Hong-Roo
    • Jukk-Rim-Hyun

B. Agit Economy & Safeguard
Economy points of all agits will reset back to 0.

C. Ranking System
All ranking system will be reset

  • Alchemist Rankings
  • Blacksmith Rankings
  • Taekwon Rankings
  • Aldebaran Race Track Rankings
  • Izlude Arena Rankings

D. Warp Points
All saved warp points will be erased.

  • Acolyte / Priest
  • Monk / Champion
  • High Priests
  • Super Novice

E. Quests
All variables of the quests must reset to 0.

  • Godly Seal Quest
  • Sign Quest
  • Random Quests

F. Kafra PIN
All Kafra PIN will be erased, Kafra will ask for a new password.

G. Auction Items
All items in the auction will be returned to the original owners.

H. Mailed Items
All mailed items must still be received by the recipients. However, if the recipient shall undergo a character name change, the mailed items will be cancelled.

I. Same Character Name and/or Username

  • Characters with the same name will have suffix on their names. Dominant server (Tyr) gets to keep the original name. Ex.: CharKoTo_Urdr
  • If the character name contains 23 characters (max limit), the last 5 letters will be deleted to accommodate the ‘_Urdr’ suffix. Ex.: Username: Levelupgamesncorporated (23 letters)
    Will become: Levelupgamesncorpo_urdr
  • Characters with a suffix on their names have 3 days to change their names ONLY ONCE through the “Change Name” button in the character select screen.

J. Same Guild Name
Guilds with the same name will have suffix on their Guild Names. Dominant server (Tyr) gets to keep the original Guild Name. Ex.: MyGuild_Urdr

K. Game RoK Points
In case of split account, the character/s in the dominant server gets to keep the RoK Points. (Tyr)

L. Game Time for the 2nd accounts
All 2nd accounts due to split accounts will have 2 hours game time. Any unused game time attained this way will expire 2 months after the merge.

M. PK maps

  • gef_fild10 (Orc Lord)
  • abyss03 (Detardeurus)
  • ama_dun03 (Incantation Samurai)
  • anthell02 (Maya)
  • ayo_dun02 (Lady Tanee)
  • beach_dun (Tao Gunka)
  • ein_dun02 (RSX_0806)
  • gef_dun01 (Dracula)
  • gef_dun02 (Doppelganger)
  • gl_chyard (Dark Lord)
  • gon_du03 (Dark Snake Lord)
  • in_sphinx05 (Pharao)
  • jupe_core (Vesper)
  • kh_dun02 (Kiel)
  • lou_dun03 (White Lady)
  • mjolnir04 (Mistress)
  • moc_fild15 (Phreeoni)
  • moc_pryd04 (Osiris)
  • moc_pryd06 (Amon Ra)
  • odin_tem03 (Randgris)
  • pay_dun04 (Moonlight)
  • pay_fild11 (Eddga)
  • prt_maze03 (Baphomet)
  • prt_sewb04 (Golden Thief Bug)
  • ra_fild02 (Atroce)
  • ra_fild03 (Atroce)
  • ra_Fild04 (Atroce)
  • ra_san05 (Gloom Underknight)
  • tha_t01 (Thanatos Tower 1)
  • tha_t02 (Thanatos Tower 2)
  • tha_t03 (Thanatos Tower 3)
  • tha_t04 (Thanatos Tower 4)
  • tha_t05 (Thanatos Tower 5)
  • tha_t06 (Thanatos Tower 6)
  • tha_t07 (Thanatos Tower 7)
  • tha_t08 (Thanatos Tower 8 )
  • tha_t09 (Thanatos Tower 9)
  • tha_t10 (Thanatos Tower 10)
  • tha_t11 (Thanatos Tower 11)
  • tha_t12 (Thanatos Tower 12)
  • thor_v03 (Ifrit)
  • treasure02 (Drake)
  • tur_dun04 (Turtle General)
  • xmas_dun02 (Stormy Knight)
  • xmas_fild01 (Garm)


  • in case of split accounts, original account will contain the characters in the dominant server (Tyr)
  • 2nd account gets 2 hours game time.
  • original accounts will get to keep the Rok pts
  • split accounts username will get a suffix urdr with the same password as their original account. Example: Username: ragnarok

3 instances wherein your main account will be split:

  • 9 character slot limit – Combined number of characters from Tyr and Urdr must not exceed 9 characters. Any excess characters will create a 2nd account.
    • Special Rules
      • If total number of characters from Tyr and Urdr is less than or equal to 9 characters, then all characters from Urdr will be moved into the Tyr account.
        • Ex. Account name: RORocks has 3 characters in Tyr and 3 characters in Urdr. After the merge, RORocks will find all his characters from Tyr and Urdr inside Tyr.
      • If total number of characters from Tyr and Urdr is more than 9 characters, then the account will be split with all the characters from Urdr being in the second account.
        • Ex. Account name RORocks has 6 characters in Tyr and 7 characters in Urdr. After the merge, RORocks will be split into two accounts – RORocks and RORocksurdr. RORocks will contain all 6 characters in Tyr and RORocksurdr will contain all 7 characters from Urdr.
  • 300 Kafra storage – Combined number of items must not exceed 300. Any excess items will create another split account.
  • 30,000 specific item limit – ex: combined number of jellopies in Tyr and Urdr must not exceed 30,000. Any excess jellopies will create another split account.

How to avoid Split Accounts:

  1. Make sure that the number of characters does not exceed 9 characters. (Tyr characters + Urdr Characters = 9 characters) Delete nuisance characters you have made in the past.
  2. Make sure that your Kafra items do not exceed 300 items. (Tyr Kafra items + Urdr Kafra items = 300 Kafra items upon merging). Throw useless items away.
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