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Baphomet Horns: Ragnarok’s New Headgear

Baphomet seems to be celebrating the new year and making himself felt at Ragnarok Online by introducing a new headgear named after him. He probably doesn’t want to be forgotten as new and stronger MVPs are being introduced in Philippine Ragnarok Online by the recent patch Rachell and the upcoming patch Veins coming this February.

Just today, Level Up! Games, publisher of the number 1 MMORPG game in the country, adds a new headgear that can be bought at the Armory of the Gods for 10,000 Rok Points or Php500.00. The new headgear is Baphomet Horns named from one of the famous MVPs of Ragnarok Online.

The new headgear boasts an additional 12% damage to demi-human (perfect sa PVP at WoE), refinable and can be worn by all job classes inlcuding novices. There’s no level restriction kaya naman pwede mo itong suotin kahit bagong gawa pa lang ang character mo.

Carlo Ople, Level Up! Games Marketing Manager, first posted the introduction of this new headgear on his blog at Waukster Online. He wrote that Philippine Ragnarok Online is lucky because this headgear is first implemented here. Mas nauna pa po tayo sa Japan at Korea!

Visitors of his blog began to appreciate the new headgear and even compared this to Alice Doll which only gives 10% damage to demi-human.

Baphomet Horns will be sold for an introductory price of 10,000 Rok Points (Php500.00) for the first two weeks and will be sold higher after. I already bought mine for my battle sage not because of the extra damage but because of its cuteness.


  1. Haysssss na force deal po ung chick hat ko!! pde paki soli

  2. Pwede po bng pakimurahan ng baphomet horns?ang mahal po kasi eh.tnx

  3. Sana 50% off naman kahit limited promo man lang

  4. ei pede po ba bapho horn at kaho horn sa aero ngaung 2o1o

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