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Gamer’s Guide for DirectX 11

DirectX 11 is the next gaming API for windows machine. DirectX yung ginagamit ng mga game developer para i design ang mga paborito at kinababaliwan nating mga games.

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ATI Catalyst 9.3 Supports Windows 7

AMD released new catalyst driver for its ATI graphics products. The new Catalyst 9.3 delivers unified driver support for Vista and Windows 7 and packs additional improvements and optimizations for some games. For Windows 7, Catalyst deliver support for WDDM 1.1 support for Radeon chipsets from 2xxx series up to the latest 4xxx series. Gaming performance under Windows 7 was …

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MSI’s New Netbook Equipped with ATI 3200!

I thought Ion would be the big blockbuster this year for the netbook market but if MSI’s press release is indeed true then this definitely is a big surprise no one has imagined, an AMD product powering the graphics part of MSI’s upcoming Wind U110 ECO netbook. U110 ECO boasts 9 hours of battery life for its 6 cell battery, …

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New ATI HD4890 Card to Arrive on April

I wish it’s not part of an April fools joke but it seems that AMD is preparing to release a successor to its flagship model 4870 with a better card, the HD 4890. ATI Radeon HD 4890 will be slated this April. The new chip will be based on RV790 core and has 850MHz core clock and 900MHz memory clock. …

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AMD/ATI Prep 40nm RV740 GPU

2009 will be a bloody war for the video card industry as NVIDIA with its upcoming GTX 295 with dual GPU hitting the shelves January next year. Touted as the card that will regain the single card performance king held by AMD/ATI for its 4870 X2. Nevertheless, AMD/ATI is  preparing as well, RV740 targeting the midrange category. RV740 is rumored …

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Rumored NVIDIA Dual GPU on January

A rumor is circulating across the net saying that NVIDIA will release a single dual GPU graphics card that will compete against the current fastest single dual GPU graphics card of AMD/ATI. It is rumored that NVIDIA may release an X2 card sometime January 2009.  It will be based on GTX 200, perhaps a GTX 260 Core 216 which proves …

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