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AMD/ATI Prep 40nm RV740 GPU

2009 will be a bloody war for the video card industry as NVIDIA with its upcoming GTX 295 with dual GPU hitting the shelves January next year. Touted as the card that will regain the single card performance king held by AMD/ATI for its 4870 X2.

Nevertheless, AMD/ATI is  preparing as well, RV740 targeting the midrange category. RV740 is rumored to be a 40nm process shrink of RV770LE – the currently available HD 4830.

RV740 will be an improved HD 4830 because it is a 40nm process construct, utilizing GDDR5 memory and 128 bit memory interface. The improved die shrink and new faster memory will deliver lower power consumption and slightly faster performance than HD 4830.

Sources indicate that the card will be under $100 (USD). The current average price of HD 4830 is PHP6,200.00


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