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Phenom II OC’ed to 5.9GHz!

The title says it all! The upcoming microprocessor from AMD has achieved 5925MHz overclocked. This was made possible by using Liquid Nitrogen to cool the CPU under -190 °C and with a voltage of 1.9V.

The three German national, “MusicIsMyLife”, “Hoschi” and “masterchorch”, tested three Phenom II CPUs and could confirm the outstanding results at Planet 3Dnow!. The  faster speed is achievable if voltage is increased to 1.9V. With the help of extreme cooling provided by Liquid Nitrogen they could even run benchmarks like the 3DMark 06 above 5 GHz.

Phenom II will be available in the market in early 2009 and is expected to compete against Intel’s latest microprocessor Core i7 “Nehalem”.

Phenom II Overclocked

Phenom II Overclocked

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