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MSI’s New Netbook Equipped with ATI 3200!

I thought Ion would be the big blockbuster this year for the netbook market but if MSI’s press release is indeed true then this definitely is a big surprise no one has imagined, an AMD product powering the graphics part of MSI’s upcoming Wind U110 ECO netbook.

U110 ECO boasts 9 hours of battery life for its 6 cell battery, promising longer hours working with your netbook without attaching the power adapter.

It also uses  Intel® Menlow Platform with Atom™ Processor Z530 that runs at 1.60GHz. Memory is standard at 1GB but can be upgraded up to 2GB max.

Now here’s the shocking part or perhaps an error on the press statement, U110 ECO is equipped with an AMD/ATI Mobility Radeon HD3200! The graphics chipset is commonly found on notebook and laptop categories but not on netbook until today if its true.

MSI Wind U110 ECO

See the complete press release of MSI Wind U110 ECO


  1. I don’t think this true. ATI graphic cards are expensive.

    Maybe a misprint…

  2. Could be, but wouldn’t it be nice to actually have a dedicated GPU on a netbook than the standard shared one we always get?

  3. I think diferrent because my friends and family use another brand name .It’s secure and save prices.But next laptop battery I’ll consider this to be this laptop battery that you just present.Appreciate!!!

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