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iTune Store Under Maintenance Due to Fake Gift Certificate?

iTunes store was under maintenance today probably due to the hacked iTunes Gift Certificate being sold at chinese website.

Imagine, you can buy $200 worth of gift cards for as low as $3! You might think that Apple became too generous this days but fact is the gift cards being sold on Taobao are hacked codes that can be redeemed at iTunes.

Taobao is an auction site similar to E-bay and from there you can buy $200 worth of iTunes gift certificate for as low as $2.60 from a seller. The code can then be used to redeem the card from user’s iTune account.

The codes being sold at Taobao are said to be codes generated by a program created by Chinese Hackers. These hackers were able to crack Apple’s algorithm and are now using a key generator to produce the gift cards that eventually sold by sellers at Taobao.

Apple hasn’t made any comment so far but they are working on the problem right now.

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