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ATI Catalyst 9.3 Supports Windows 7

AMD released new catalyst driver for its ATI graphics products. The new Catalyst 9.3 delivers unified driver support for Vista and Windows 7 and packs additional improvements and optimizations for some games.

For Windows 7, Catalyst deliver support for WDDM 1.1 support for Radeon chipsets from 2xxx series up to the latest 4xxx series. Gaming performance under Windows 7 was also improved. ExtremeTech website puts the new driver to test and saw a slight increase in performance versus Vista.

“It’s clear that ATI is well ahead of Nvidia at this moment in time. It’s rare that ATI’s current cards run a game slower in Windows 7, and when they do the difference is slight. More importantly, there are lots of situations where Windows 7 is actually 5–10% faster than Vista.” according to Jason Cross of ExtremeTech.

ATI Catalyst 9.3 supports range from 9500 series cards up to HD4870 running under Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Various system issues on mentioned operating system was resolved.

Download Catalyst 9.3 at AMD Download and Support page

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