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Rumored NVIDIA Dual GPU on January

A rumor is circulating across the net saying that NVIDIA will release a single dual GPU graphics card that will compete against the current fastest single dual GPU graphics card of AMD/ATI.

It is rumored that NVIDIA may release an X2 card sometime January 2009.  It will be based on GTX 200, perhaps a GTX 260 Core 216 which proves faster in SLI mode than Radeon 4870 X2 on most games. No one knows yet the exact chip to be used but we’re sure its a chip that can once and for all win them back the performance crown they held for years. Also expected is a fabrication process shrink to 40nm.

Although NVIDIA has the fastest single GPU graphics card on the planet namely the GTX 280 released last June, they lost the performance crown to AMD/ATI’s Radeon 4700 x2 which garnered lots of commendations.

Dual GPU graphics cards are actually 2 GPU chips on a single PCB (board). They were created to further boost the performance of graphics processing without the hassle of buying an extra card to enable SLI or Crossfire on costlier motherboards thereby saving money.

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