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Blade and Soul NCsoft Open Beta!

A few years back we saw the promotional gameplay scenes for Blade and Soul and we were all very very impressed by NCSoft’s work . So much so that the immediate question was, when’s the release date? No answers then and for a long long time no answers came. However a few days ago, Blade and Soul was ready for …

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Mass Effect 3 Review

The Reapers have come and they are as unimaginably horrific as Mass Effect 1 and 2 led us to believe. Earth is under attack and you as Shepard must gather all resources you can find across the galaxy to drive them off our beloved mudball. Welcome to Mass Effect 3 where your adrenaline will flow like waterfalls and at times, …

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Pinoygaming Peeps on Level Up! Christmas Show!

Sir David of and Ragnarok Game Hero will be a guest in Level Up! Game’s live Christmas webcast show on Dec. 15, 2008. Watch out for live announcements of new stuff coming for on the show. Master Diwa also of and another honored Ragnarok Game Hero will follow on Dec. 17, 2008 fresh from his win of …

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Team Thailand RWC 2008 Champions Interview!

So mga kapatid, we at have passed the gauntlet and got our readers an interview with Team Thailand, the Ragnarok World Champions of 2008. They looked like a pretty lively bunch, and why wouldn't they? They just won!

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PinoyGaming at Level Up! Live 2008

The Owning begins! The biggest gaming event in the Philippines has fueled itself, started its engine and stepped on the gas with a size 16 shoe. It’s going full blast and will bring you a blow by blow for the full 2 days of Level Up Live 2008. Infact, just launched a microsite just for Level Up Live 2008 at …

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Pinoy Gaming Forum – new discussion community for gamers

Every game is worth playing, in any way desirable. Believe it or not, the creators of the game wouldn't even spend a huge load of effort if they think their own game applications aren't even worth the attention. The gaming industry market nowadays are expanding dramatically, just imagine the time when we were still using our own crusty old family computer consoles and even the so-called brick games. In the present times, the gaming era had revolutionized much from its humble roots, proudly boasting of various technologies and features so as to cater to the typical gamer's fantasy of having a worthwhile and excellent playing experience he/she will hardly forget.

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