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Blade and Soul NCsoft Open Beta!

A few years back we saw the promotional gameplay scenes for Blade and Soul and we were all very very impressed by NCSoft’s work . So much so that the immediate question was, when’s the release date? No answers then and for a long long time no answers came. However a few days ago, Blade and Soul was ready for Open Beta access! And get this, 150,000 people participated in the beta. NCSoft had to increase their servers from 2 to now running 25.

What is Blade and Soul? Well it’s a next generation martial arts based MMO. Yes, an MMO with combat that gets you kicking, jumping, doing combos, back flipping and running on walls. It’s a new concept in the MMO world and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Now that’s in Open Beta, release should be close as well! Find out more about Blade and Soul in the links below.


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  1. Hi! can you tell the status of Blade and Soul being launch here in Philippines? Is there any possibilities for 2014 or 2015? thank you and I’am hoping for your reply.

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