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Nintendo 3DS Has Poor Battery Life

Ohh poor, so how can we enjoy gaming while spending our breaktime? Well, at least we have 3D. That’s the shocking truth for pinoy gamers, Nintendo’s upcoming handheld device, the Nintendo 3DS, is expected to only guarantee you of 3 to 5 hours of gaming enjoyment. This is the result of faster processor and eye-popping 3D capability of the upper …

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Ninja Gaiden Dragonsword Review

Team Ninja has been given the gaming public hours of enjoyment with their Ninja Gaiden series over the years. There have been ups and downs in their journey and through many consoles. Now that they’ve come to the Nintendo DS with Ninja Gaiden Dragonsword (NGDS), its nothing but success.

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Game Review: Coraline

Coraline is an adventure game based on the acclaimed horror novel written by Neil Gaiman and the upcoming 3D stop motion film of the same title directed by Henry Selick, the same guy who brought us Nightmare Before Christmas. The game is staged in a moody old house and features a strange but intriguing cast of characters.

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Sega to Add Hardcore Games on Wii

Sega will surely deliver hardcore titles to a console we know best for family friendly games. Sega was inspired by the success of Red Steel and Resident Evil 4 on the Wii platform therefore they wanted to add more adult titles to fill what seems to be a genre quite lacking on the console. “There have been some good hardcore …

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Legend of Zelda Music Played by Diwa de Leon

If you own one of Nintendo’s console then you probably played one of its most famous game Legend of Zelda. Diwa de Leon or more commonly known as Master Diwa in Philippine gaming world has made his own rendition of Legend of Zelda’s themes which was originally composed by Koji Kondo. The video is available for viewing at This is my own …

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