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Sega to Add Hardcore Games on Wii

Sega will surely deliver hardcore titles to a console we know best for family friendly games. Sega was inspired by the success of Red Steel and Resident Evil 4 on the Wii platform therefore they wanted to add more adult titles to fill what seems to be a genre quite lacking on the console.

“There have been some good hardcore Wii titles,” says Pritchard. “Resident Evil 4 has done reasonable numbers; Red Steel has also performed really well. But since then, many publishers have migrated towards the more mass-market family titles, so perhaps there hasn’t been the array or depth of hardcore titles on Wii. So there is definitely an opportunity here.”

Sales director John Clark added: “More family friendly titles are being released on PlayStation and 360 as this is a growth area for these formats. Maybe with Wii there’s a reverse opportunity.

“We’d like to maintain the success we’ve had on Nintendo formats. One way of achieving that is with new IP like The Conduit and MadWorld, and traditional Sega titles will continue to drive broader market success.”

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