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Game Review: Coraline

Coraline is an adventure game based on the acclaimed horror novel written by Neil Gaiman and the upcoming 3D stop motion film of the same title directed by Henry Selick, the same guy who brought us Nightmare Before Christmas. The game is staged in a moody old house and features a strange but intriguing cast of characters.

You are Coraline, the eternally curious girl who discovers a mysterious door in the drawing room of your old house. Beyond the door is a world very much similar to your own, almost exactly the same except for some creepy and peculiar details. The game immerses you to the world and “other world” of Coraline where you get to explore, collect items, solve mini puzzles and games and ultimately save the day from the evil powers that be. As an added bonus, the game features a virtual closet where you can change Coraline’s outfit from her yellow coat, her blue Wellington boots to her button hairpin. You can also go back to previously completed mini-games through the Collection Room.

On the Nintendo DS, the stylus provides a “hands-on” feel to the story, elevating the element of interactivity. Plus try playing the game with your headphones on and it transports you to place of eeriness and lurid images. Graphics is pretty decent with screenshots of the upcoming movie. As for replay value, yes you can go back and play the mini games from time to time but to go through the story again, would mean that you must be a fan of genre seemingly for kids but actually contain nightmarish characters and themes that are only talked about it abnormal psychology classes.

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