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PinoyGaming at Level Up! Live 2008

The Owning begins! The biggest gaming event in the Philippines has fueled itself, started its engine and stepped on the gas with a size 16 shoe. It’s going full blast and will bring you a blow by blow for the full 2 days of Level Up Live 2008. Infact, just launched a microsite just for Level Up Live 2008 at …

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Why the Filipino Youth is Hooked to Online Gaming

I played the game for three years now because this is where I found friends who share the same level of interest as I do. Friends that cannot be seen in-real or at close range like classmates, but friends who can offer a relationship that could stand the test of time.

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‘Wag Tularan

Mga kapatid, pasensiya na medyo matagal dumating yung mga bagong updates, nagbabakasyon ang pinoygaming staff. yokyokyok. Anyway I’ve just come back from my Christmas vacation and I’m revved up and ready to go. To start of this gaming year I’ll post a sort of warning. 2008 is a very promising year for gaming. The new Nvidia 9 series cards are …

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Interview with Niel Dagondon

We talk a lot about pinoys playing games. But we don’t talk enough about pinoys who actually make games. Recollecting, I remembered a company a few years back that launched an international game called Anito which has quite a following in Eastern Europe. So I rummaged around (I love you Google!) and finally found the company, Anino Games. Finding out …

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Assembling A Baby

Every gamer needs his gear. You may have all the games that you want but without a good computer these will be scrapped. Games these days require a lot of processing power. Gone are the days when one computer can be your total gaming solution. There are so many factors to think about such as, memory, hard drive space, video …

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