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Assembling A Baby

Every gamer needs his gear. You may have all the games that you want but without a good computer these will be scrapped. Games these days require a lot of processing power. Gone are the days when one computer can be your total gaming solution. There are so many factors to think about such as, memory, hard drive space, video card and CPU speed. This article will cover my own experience creating the ultimate gaming machine, or at least one that’s affordable and relatively at that. (This is a photo heavy entry – so sa mababagal na Internet connection, beware!)

So we start plotting out what we need the computer for. In this case, we need a computer for intense gaming experiences. So we will need hardware that can play almost any game out in the market today. With that, here’s the list of what I have come up for myself.

Sir David’s specs:
Intel core 2 Quad 2.40 Ghz Processor (4 processing cores babeh!)
250 GB hard disk drive
4 GB Kingston DDR2 RAM
P6VN SLI V2 motherboard (comes with on board lan, 5.1 surround sound – yoko na gumastos para soundcard.)
A beautiful chassis – what may be beautiful for me may be ugly to you
2x MSI Nvidia Gforce 8600GT dual SLI video cards – this is the prize of the entire system

If you don’t know anything about computer parts, you can ask for professional help or ask a techy friend for advice. To anybody out there who may not have learned about the new leap in technology, dual SLI video cards means you use 2 video cards and make them function as one. Kung baga pagtutulungan ng dalawang graphics card ang isang rendering. As they say, two heads are better than one.

So the next thing we do, is to canvass how much we will spend on the specs. You could probably find good prices at Greenhills. If you can assemble your own PC, it’s better to buy the parts individually. But if you’re unable to do so (or pag tinatamad ka parang ako), look for the shop that can give you the lowest price and assemble the PC for you.

Heto yung mga hinihingan ko ng discount, tingnan niyo yung dalawa, hirap na hirap. yokyokyok

After you find the parts it is now time to assemble the PC.

We begin by inserting the Power Supply. Then we breakout the motherboard and place it in the casing or chassis.

Then the CPU chip itself is inserted. This is done with great care so as not to damage any part of the CPU chip. (Obviously there are more complicated steps to this process. We will not delve into them for this article is just an overview. Tsaka nagyayabang lang ako sa bago kong baby. yokyokyok)

After which, the memory cards are inserted. The four amigos you see here are the memory modules.

Tapos break muna, kain ng pansit canton at inom ng kape.

Then we start to connect the power wires to their respective slots on the motherboard. Tapos dapat marunong ka mag-tirintas para mas malinis tingnan ang loob ng computer mo. (Si JR may gawa ngtirintas na yan, puede na siya magtrabaho sa Ricky Reyes)

Then the hard drive/s are connected including your DVD or cd-rom drives.

And of course the icing of this system, the two Nvidia 8600GT Video cards are inserted.

There we have it mga kapatid! After closing the lid, we just completed assembling a new killer gaming PC. It is alive! I think I shall name him, Sylvester! Long for Sly, yokyokyok SLI, Sly, get it? So in the future articles, I will constantly refer to this computer as Sly.

I would like to thank the people at XT Pro Greenhills for helping me assemble Sylvester. Maraming maraming salamat po! At sana mas maganda discount next time. yokyokyok


  1. sir, inabot ito ng magkano?

  2. Umabot ng mga 45k kapatid. Pero bumaba na price nito at na mod ko narin. naka 9600GT na ako ngayon and naka overclock na.

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