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PGN: Guildmasters’ Forum a great success!

Pinoy Gaming Network in cooperation with E-games Philippines recently concluded the Guildmasters’ Forum Event and it was a tremendous success! What was the purpose of the forum? Why did we invite guildmasters only? Find out after the jump!

Pinoy Gaming Network has always held gaming at a high premium over other pasttimes and not because it is our niche. We recognize that online gaming is a breeding ground for the next wave of influential people and the studies done by IBM has confirmed this. This was the primary focus of the forum, to translate online leadership into real life leadership.

The guildmasters arrived earlier than expected in groups of 4 or more and boy were they pumped. The guests came from different games from different game publishers. Cabal, Ran, ZX, Audition (E-games), RF Online, Ragnarok Online (Level Up! Games) and even World of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment) were represented.

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The event started with a short introduction and a talk on the IBM study delivered by Pinoy Gaming Network’s own David Ralph Lleno (known in the gaming world as the Game Hero Sir David). He briefly touched the subject of the different reasons why online guild leadership has a strong correlation with real life leadership and even leadership in the corporate world.

He was followed by Gil Edeza President of E-Games and a pioneer of the Philippine online gaming industry. Mr. Edeza discussed the history of Philippine online gaming and its current state as well as its future outlook, citing that the way things are going poses great opportunities for guildmasters to make better their online influence and apply it to the real world.

Last and certainly not the least, the keynote speaker on leadership was welcomed, Sen. Chiz Escudero. He discussed the vast similarities of the online world to the real world and the consequences of one’s actions in both. He encouraged guildmasters to use their influence in the online world to make valuable contributions to society at large.

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The response to his speech was tremendous. Questions came pouring in during the open forum regarding how guildmasters could use their influence to positively contribute to Philippine society. Senator Escudero promptly answers with an analogy of using the guild as a “rotary club”. He urged that guildmasters should discuss things that matter in society with their guildmembers and possibly create events to address these issues. The good senator went as far as to say that even if they don’t support him, as long as they engage and get themselves involved (positively) is already a step in the right direction.

The event ended with photo ops and a raffle that had a few guildmasters walk away with a Chiz Escudero boble head and one very lucky guildmaster  from Cabal Online bringing home  a brand new iPod from Mobil 1.

Pinoy Gaming Network would like to thank all the guildmasters who joined us in this endeavour and all our sponsors, Mobil 1 and E-games Philippines.

Maraming maraming salamat po.

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To learn more about volunteering you may visit this link CLICK HERE

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  1. ahahahah mga early birds mga valhalla … partida naligaw pa yan XD nice event sana meron pa ulit XD

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    sayang di kame nanaLO ng IPOD @[email protected]

  3. wow. unang una sila Dex at Nix! XD

    sana merong guild teambuilding para masaya. kainggit buti pa si Nix nakasama T_T isa lng kasi pwede isama 😛

  4. Nice Event, Hoping for more Soon.. ^_^

    Thanks! ^_^

  5. cool event you got there 🙂

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