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Lost and Found: Internet Cafe to the Rescue

As of this writing, I am here at NetPie Internet Cafe here at Sn. Fernando, Pampanga. I am supposed to go to Olongapo City when I noticed while waiting for my ride to depart from the terminal that my wallet is gone. Grabe tagaktak ng pawis ko… Paano ako babalik sa Bulacan? 🙁

Thankfully I still have some coins in my pocket totalling Php70.00, enough cash maybe for me to go back to where I came from but hey… I have to meet my mother at Olongapo or at least tell her about my situation. But how?

While walking and thinking on how I could inform the whole world that I’m lost, I chanced upon a big sign “NetPie Internet Shop”. Ooohhh makapag chat nga!

To make the story short, I used service to send text messages to my friends and relatives. I recieved one reply and they’re now preparing to fetch me here at Victory Liner Terminal at Sn. Fernando Pampanga. And a good thing about Chikka, you can use chikka service through their website. No need to download a 3rd party program like before. You can also save important numbers there.

I realized, computer cafes are not only for your hobby and for doing assignments, you can also use them to send your distress messages across to your online buddies. They are there for you when you need them.

Here are more lessons I learned… dont put your ATM or at least all your money inside your wallet. That way when something goes wrong and you lose your wallet, you still have extra money and your ATM with you. Thanks to the coins that I brought with me, though they are heavy, they still enabled me to rent a PC for at least 2 hours here at NetPie and send messages.

That’s it folks, I will leave now and go to Victory Liner Bus Terminal and wait for my mom. Hey hey, love your mothers for they are the first ones who will help you in times like these.

Note: Upon editing this story, Sir David called his mom. yokyokyok


  1. amp ano ba namang kamalasan yan
    buti na lang may computer shop at may 70 pesos ka, bwenas paren

  2. computers and internet can save you 1001 ways 🙂
    “Note: Upon editing this story, Sir David called his mom. yokyokyok ” — HEHE SIRDAVID NAG EMOTIONAL BIGLA 🙂

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