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Cabal Online, one of the most successful gameS of 2007 shall finally be introduce here in the Philippines by one of the country's major MMORPG game publisher E-Games.

Embrace the Arrival of Cabal Online Philippines

Cabal Online

Cabal Online, one of the most successful gameS of 2007 shall finally be introduce here in the Philippines by one of the country’s major MMORPG game publisher E-Games.

This game is set in the realm of Nevareth, where warriors must use Force Power to resist the evil CABAL. Sounds familiar? bleh, halos pare-pareho naman na ang kuwento ng mga paborito nating MMOG but what actually matters to us is the playability. Is it fun? Is there enough content to keep us busy? Will the graphics and sound reach my nerves? And I guess the most important question is will E-Games deliver a top-notch support to the community?

E-Games hasn’t announced any release date for the opening of the game yet. Though I guess they are still preparing for the closed beta testing (CBT). More or less a month after CBT , I suppose open beta testing will start where you will be able to join and play the game.

So what is Cabal Online? What can you expect from this game?
E-Games official website posted this summary of what makes Cabal Online great.

The game boasts of six playable characters namely: (1)Warrior (2) Blader (3) Wizard (4) Force Archer (5) Force Sheilder and (6)Force Blader.

A unique experience awaits local gamers in CABAL Online. The game’s exceptional features include the following:

  • The Global Positioning System (GPS) shows the player’s current location as well as party members, NPC and quest dungeons, warp gates as well as hunting field and difficulty level of monsters.
  • Skill Points (used to improve battle skills) and Character Stats (strength, dexterity, and intelligence) develop separately so they can freely schedule their leveling activities according to their target level or skills.
  • The complex storyline of the game also allows players to take on hundreds of quests and grow their characters consistently even without too much grinding and party leveling.
  • Battle experience is also intensified by the Combo System, a function that allows users to continuously execute multiple skill attacks with no cool time.
  • At certain levels, players can undergo quests that will give them the privilege of owning a futuristic core-driven hover bike called an Astral Bike.
  • Nation Battles involve the allying of players to a nation (Capella or Procyon) by undergoing a nation quest. Players can kill other characters of the opposing nation in this feature.

Exciting ba? Malalaman lang natin yan kung malalaro na natin syempre. Checking one gaming forum – RagnaBarkadahan – tells us that this game is really good.

Quoting Black_Bear at RagnaBarkadahan

u can use both bow and guns for leveling

the combos are awesome!!!

I haven’t seen any negative comment so far so I presume this game will be a market leader soon. Would it beat the newest MMORPG Perfect World Online released by Level Up! Games? I don’t know yet hehe.

Download your Cabal Online client here


  1. watch kayo sa youtube para mas-lalao kayong ma excite ako nga ehh.. nag watch ako NICE GRAPHICSS FAST LVLING NICE TALGA AT ANG REWARD PA SA QUEST AI MALAKING MALAKI mga 90kk

  2. ang masasabi ko maganda ang larong cabal un nga lng maxadong MAHIRAP MAG PALVL at sna ung mga gmit na astral board ay dapat pwdeng mabili ng pera sa lro ndi po ung bibili k pa poh ng card…

  3. where NPc can i buy an astral board????plz answer thnx

  4. You can’t buy the Astral board in any NPC, but you can hunt them in Port Ruina upper letf of the map. Or you can buy it in the Premium item mall this CABAL is Philippine Version. You can check my blog at

  5. bumibili ako ng character n force blader 120+ sa saturn.. taga pampanga ako..sino taga pampanga..txt band kasi sa akin bweset di namn ako naka bot bat ganu…?ty

  6. *Need:
    1. Tips for skill grinding per level.
    2. Crafting techniques for six different warriors.
    1. If already exist where I can find it?

  7. ang ganda ang weak ng low lvl ng fb hiihihihihi_+

  8. ang ganda talaga ng cabal halos araw araw akong bumabalik sa internet kafe para lang makapaglaro nito

  9. kainis nmn san ba yun cabal site para ma download ko yun cabal n bagong patch kainis nmn

  10. Pano magkaroon ng nation?

  11. wala man gani koi nation wahahhaha unsa d i ?

  12. ano byan d qoh alam gagawin sa siena tha queen n bgon web site

  13. bgong web site s cabal kainis nman oo
    mai colour ung sulat just type in cabal chat eh $0#message

  14. masarap laruin ung cabal.faster force lalo n transzender n.have a nice day!

  15. lkas ng warrior wla nmn utak.. lks lng alam

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