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E-Games Online Titles and Websites Still Down After 4 Days!

It has been 4 days and IP E-Games titles Ran, Cabal, Runes of Magic including their websites are still intermitently down, mostly down. Irate players of said titles have been flooding other gaming boards regarding the matter. To further complicate matters, there has been no word from IP E-Games aside from a compensation announcement from the previous downtime ( .

What will this downtime to do the official launching of Runes of Magic to commercial from Open Beta? How will this exceptionally long downtime – started March 16, 2010 – affect Domination IV, IP E-Games largest gaming event?

We will post updates regarding the issue as soon as we get them.


  1. 4 days of website maintenance/repair is waaayyyy tooooo loooooonnngg for any viewers to wait for(in this case, medyo naiba because patrons naman ng nasabing website ‘yung mga naghihintay, hence more often than not, they can afford to do so).

    Being a web developer, I do knew that if a first-time client(end-user) reach their website(s) in this situation, chances are, the probability that they will ever return again is so slim that it is almost zero percent. LOL!

    Hope they do bring up their websites immediately.

  2. Wow. Astig talaga. Hehe

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