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Dragonica Bloggers Conference

The first ever bloggers’ conference sponsored by E-Games was held last March 27, 2010 at The Old Spaghetti House in SM North. E-Games has taken its first step in reaching out to the game bloggers to be able to know what gamers truly want.

During the conference, they introduced a new watch-out-for –game: Dragonica. It will be launched during the Domination but we got a taste of this new online adventure game, much thanks to a couple of GMs present during the conference.

Coincide this event, just a floor above, Road to Domination 4 was filled with gamers and fans. For the Runes of Magic fanatics, how do you acquire XP when you have to be interrupted by work? Ching Merano was generous to share some tips (hint: decorate your house). She also gave us a teaser of another game they are launching aside from Dragonica. All we can say is that this other game will require more than pressing buttons. Intriguing, huh? More information on that, you just have to find out during the main event.

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