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World In Conflict Review

RTS games have been around for quite some time now. RTS stands for Real time strategy. The earliest game in the genre was Dune 2 The Building of A Dynasty. The genre however has generated many memorable games that will forever be on the lips of gamers. Titles like Command and Conquer, Starcraft, Warcraft 3 (dito po nanggaling ang mod na DOTA na kinakababaliwan natin ngayon) to name a few.

So what makes a good RTS? What is RTS in the first place? Well most RTSs consist of resource gathering, army building, then using that army and other weapons acquired to beat the bejeesus out of the opponent. However, most RTS games end up being played like this, build as many troops as you can, then attack. Strategy no longer plays that big a role in the gameplay. Enter World in Conflict.

World in conflict is a real time strategy game set in modern times using the already available modern weapons. These range from the marine and his rifle to the more advanced F-22 Raptor and a tactical nuclear device, and my favorite, carpet bombing!

What sets world in conflict apart from all the other RTSs is the fact that it doesn’t require you to gather resources like minerals or “green space crystals that kill people when they are exposed to them too long”. Instead you are given resource points that you can use to call in troops via airdrop or land/sea insertion. There are also support resource points that you can use to call in airstrikes, paratroopers, artillery support, anti-air support and more! The resource points given to you are set to a maximum amount and regenerate in time. So basically the fight can keep on going!

So how does one win if the other doesn’t have a base to destroy? Well you need to occupy predetermined zones. So it’s a battle for position making this game sort of a like the modern chess. In multiplayer you can choose to take roles in a team. One uses armor, the other uses infantry and you may opt to use helicopters. Team work is essential in this game and you get punished severely for not working together. The game then becomes a mad melee to control the zones with bullets, shells and napalm flying all around.

The graphics on this game are beautiful even run on low settings. The cars in the cities have details on them even to the glass on the windshield. This game is a resource hog though. Pag marami na troops sa labanan nagiging choppy na, lalo na pag marami nang sumasabog. Nagkaka crater rin sa mga explosions minsan problema lang mahirap makita ang mga tauhan ng kalaban at di natatarget pag nahulog sa crater.

The game sounds wonderful. From the random m16 fire to the buzzing of an apache, the developers have done their homework well. Buildings collapsing on your troops sound exactly like how it is described. I just wish I have a good point of reference. I only had problems with the nuke. Well the sound was a bit disappointing. I sort of expected a really loud bang. It just sounds like a muffled thud to me (or baka kailangan ko na maglinis ng tenga?).

Playability is not an issue with this game. If you and a buddy are really good at it, you can keep playing for hours and hours without a clear winner in sight. It can get addictive especially when in a group of players. And unlike other RTS multiplayer games, even if you run out of troops, you can call in some more and keep going. Other RTS games, when your base is out, you’re out.

The map selection in the game is good enough but if longevity is a question, I’d say we could use more and more maps! New advanced weaponry would not hurt either. It would also be nice if a spectator mode would be included in the package. This game is nice to watch as it is to play. So a spectator mode is a must!

All in all World in Conflict is an excellent twist to the old RTS genre.

Title: World in Conflict
Developer: Sierra Entertainment
Publisher: Massive Entertainment
Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Minimum System Requirements: Intel P4 2.2GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, GeForce 6600 / Ati Radeon 9800Pro, 8GB HDD space

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